When it’s time to change something

Work.kom.ua_27.08.2015_7wovqApg1vO8mWhen you’re young, whole life ahead of you. You can learn now in school or have many years of plow bad and to be sincerely convinced that you have plenty of time to focus on yourself and your business. But one winter evening you step out of your front and your head are gonna stick giant icicles – all your plans go to hell thanks to the good municipal services.

In General, anything can happen at any moment in your life. Each segment of time and space is fraught with various dangers. However, he also has unique capabilities that can not but rejoice. But we on the other. You often put things off for later, and with enviable frequency is «feeding Breakfast,» will you go with it. You have nothing to lose if you do so from time to time. Sometimes you need to relax, sometimes you need to rest and restore mental and physical strength, race horses short-lived. And how cool sometimes just include some nonsense on TV and spend the day in a complete stupor. But there are some vital signals, which is strictly not necessary to score if you don’t want to end my life in some muddy ditch surrounded by mud. Pay attention to them. Shit happens, and not always have to quietly move on, sometimes you have to clean it up, otherwise it will be too late.

1. The uncertainty around the

When the guy boyish, to be sure all is OK. Whatever he took it was true. When man grows up and down all the greyness and the whole decay, which he had not previously noticed, maximalism goes, there is only confidence. But if there is no certainty, it is necessary to take on the mind. Because it will devour you, you will begin to put all the blame on other people, they naturally will soon begin to make decisions for you. Whatever the good people that surround you, from the effects they will not refuse. Will have to give in one, then in another, at work you’re going to rely on your knowledge, and the commands that you give at the top. This is a good way to gain a foothold on the spot, but bad for the development of their abilities and future careers. Need to be sure at least something. At least in his professionalism, of his knowledge. Otherwise, you will live in despair. Sometimes better have a beer with pills deceptive confidence and to live slightly in a lie, than slowly go mad from the fact that you have no Foundation under your feet. Most importantly, you need to understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.

2. All-consuming apathy

We often fall into depression. Typically, it passes quickly forgotten. But if you’re already two years in a row do not see anything good in your life? People may think of you as selfish, because there are those who are worse off is in extreme conditions and even manages to be happy. But the charges don’t help you. You don’t remember when the last time you really laughed at something, work is a punishment, you need relationship has entered a phase of dullness. Simply put, you are miserable. Successful or not, it all doesn’t matter when life is not fun. It’s moments like these you can wait for him to get going on techniques to psychologists. But the wait can last forever. And it’s best to start a new life. Do not care what difficulties you may face, but radical change of the situation can help. The work of his hands. New residence, new friends, new you. And if you think it’s easier to say than to implement in reality, it means that you are not so bad.

3. Everything goes wrong

Whatever you did – all bad. You can’t work, can’t relax. You have not even to eat normally and normally go to the toilet (actually, this is a doctor). What is the reason? Some kind of a stroke of bad luck or your own, not entirely conscious desire to ruin everything? If such incidents occur with frenzied regularity, attribute it to the randomness is silly. Most likely, you just went the wrong way and need to turn off, otherwise the whole life will become an endless joke. Take a vacation, try to understand what went wrong in your business, what you like and what not. To correctly analyze the situation – a good start to correct the catastrophic situation.

4. Maybe you’ve had enough.

Alcohol, drugs, pills… No, we are not ardent advocates of a healthy lifestyle. But if you every time, drinking enough standard portion of alcohol, the next morning I remember nothing, time to think. Do not have to stop drinking alcohol, if you like, but certainly don’t need to get hooked on it and drink them with their problems. Every day that you spend in a drinking bout, moves you in a disgusting direction, reduces the chances to get out of this, because the habit very quickly. It is clear that no one will start to thump hell, if he doesn’t have any problems in life, but it is better to solve these problems.

If you already like to drink, use this option. Mark monthly budget on booze and only buy cool. Better to spend conditional 140 rubles for a bottle of posh beer than 4 litres musty liquor, from which you will raise the roof. Booze is supposed to bring relaxation and enjoyment, and not dive into oblivion.

5. It’s very bad

There is a controversial topic, we are talking about emigration. A jingoistic patriots say when they hear the reproach in the direction of the country: «Well, piss off, just don’t like it here!» And you know what they are right. Blame is sometimes necessary. And the point here is not patriotism. If your whole life is falling apart, your business will fail, your career is under water, and take shelter as payment of the debt, it’s time to think about what you are not welcome here. If you touch the business, we must always think in advance. My friend, for example, after seeing the horrible Outlook for their business, and therefore for his family, decided on a desperate step – full migration of production to China. There he now buys a house, leaving their Homeland. However, he had previously cooperated with the Chinese and often traveled there on business, but on the move it didn’t come up until recently. His choice may condemn only the person who is never serious business is not conducted.

You can, of course, always engage shapkozakidatelstvom, but still, the desire of the individual to be understood. You also need to understand that you have a responsibility not only to their feelings, but also to the people with whom they live. And if you’re a proud father, you have to find the best options for their children’s lives to the detriment of many civil sense. Therefore, if it’s really bad, we must move forward. Be a rationalist and don’t lean on fantasy, especially when you live with someone. The nomads did not just whole peoples left their homes.

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