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Hi manygoodtips.com I have a question. I’m 26, I’m healthy and smart, day go to work, come home, eat food full of cholesterol and MSG, drink and smoke, swear and don’t exercise. Recently having sex with two beautiful girls later, I noticed a pimple on the ass of one of the girls. He was so huge that riveted my attention. Needless to say that my knight in leather armour, my jade scepter, my gun fell love at the sight of that boil.

It is clear that many member would not resist if the head were thoughts of inflammation and manure, and in General it is possible and not to worry, because the cause of temporary loss of erection clear, but the situation is unpleasant. This is what I want to ask: advise natural, non-chemical means to the eternal tower to the member standing, even if the boil is the size of a cow. Maybe the knobs of any food or wings of beetles? In General, help.

The answer

Hello dear reader, who still calls his endorse «jade scepter» and «the knight in leather armor.» I hasten to disappoint you: your life will be full of unsightly boil, bursting at the seams abscesses and other anal pimples. Yes, it happens that you still not paying attention, you see the eighth wonder of the world on the ass of his girlfriend, and your life changes. But you have to make an effort. For, as one well-known climber: «Not all priests are equally bumpy». Importantly, no ulcer on the face.

So, a pimple on the ass is not a decoration ladies bliss. But you can tolerate. And if not, then… you have to take alcohol, vetochku and gently squeeze. Help the lady and myself at the same time. You can apply plantain. You never know, suddenly heal. At the same time will hide the insidious point. There is another way: find a woman, fall in love and filled with love to copulate with her, not noticing the gusts of passion there are all sorts of boils and ulcers. Although there is a danger that with time passion will subside, and pimply popets again encroach on your erection. What then? Then caught his lady to dress warmly and not to sit on cold. Sometimes they arise from the fact that just blew. Or let them sit on a cleansing diet, will bring out all the toxins and get rid of bad habits. Then, maybe, not exactly, but ass will be smooth and silky, without any unnecessary bumps.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the old-fashioned method is to swallow a lot of alcohol. It is believed that under the wine and spirits pairs the brain ceases to see all the flaws of the body. Helps to forget all the horrible pimples and the appearance of the tumor.

Now about erection. If the chemistry you’re not suffering, there are many popular recipes. Here is one of the most famous: nuts with honey. Grind the walnuts (you can use a mixture), pour them with natural honey. This recipe in action, you can compare with Viagra. Nuts can take any. By the way, in principle, healthy. In General, it is better to take them for a long time, 5-6 times a day. But if you swallow a loading dose (to nausea and diabetes), it is possible to be surprised by your abilities.

The role of natural «Viagra», if you need emergency assistance, can play, not strange, ordinary nettle. Put on gloves, collect the nettles, cook the broth. Cooked very simply: it is necessary to grind 50 grams of fresh or 100 g of dried nettle leaves, pour a glass of boiling water, add one teaspoon of honey and drink one hour before planned intercourse.

In General, recipes are numerous. However, they focused mainly on solving problems with potency. However, all praising the tincture of ginseng. About his love properties have long been legendary. You can buy a drop-they are alcohol-based. But the drug alcohol is wild stuff, so you can make a delicious broth. Need to take ginseng root (100 grams) for two days to insist in 0.5 liters of water. Then the mixture to simmer on low heat for about four hours, gradually adding a tablespoon of honey and cinnamon. Take a decoction need 100 grams after a meal.

About the same story and with the infusion of thyme, just to make it easier. Chopped herbs (100 grams) to insist in 200 g of boiling water to room temperature. About dairy products with greens, I think is not necessary? Dairy products in this regard at all useful. As said, one crazy grandma, which thousands in every city: «do Not drink a lot of milk! And it will stand like a bull».

By the way, some recommend to put on the abdomen minutes on 10 normal shot. The yellow card, if you forgot, it’s not the colloquial form of yellow cards, which indicate football referees. It’s that thing that your mother in childhood for five put. Blood flow causes be – Mama do not cry.

Still, better your erection is affected by psychology. And viagra. Nothing better has come up, and the pressure is affected. But back to psychology. Just try not to look at all these Chiri and not think about any unpleasant things in such a crucial moment. Be a man! Do not cave in under Chiri! And remember that the most important thing in a man is modesty, lack of show-off and will power. And viagra.

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