When bored at work

When bored at work

It so happens that even the most interesting job turns into a certain routine. This can be a monotonous job that is done without much effort of the brain, it can be days, which is not particularly busy, and there may be times when you worked and the time you have left well. Of course, it still can be cases when the guy just lazy and not really doing its job, but it is so obvious that we will not be considered. Fu to be so!

What we usually do at work when we get bored and take nothing? Today I will try to make a list of things that for sure were each of us when we were bored, lazy or Friday.

1. To go to the toilet

Usually this sin of woman, the whole WC community. They are there to talk, smoke, even communicating through the booth. But you guys also go to the toilet just to to go out. You can stretch, especially if the toilet is on another floor besides the toilet is always a good reason.

2. Browse photos of hot Chicks

For example, manygoodtips.com or switch what a cool person. A beautiful lady always a pleasure to look at.

3. Update status in social network or to write something in Twitter

We’re tweeting when we think of some cool idea, or when we really have nothing to do. So there is stuff like «I ate», «I Want to eat», «Go to gym». If you think that Twitter is actually good, just why do we need followers who will read about the state of your appetite?

4. To fetch water cooler or go to the coffee vending machine to buy myself a coffee

Really great way to spend time. Cooler in the break room and generally cooler — this is a meeting place in any major company. If not, you can always go buy a coffee at the coffee machine. Let’s not forget, dude, about «the latte principle».

5. To bring alcohol

In some ways the work is reminiscent of school. Many guys had smuggled to school alcohol and drank it outside the garage. SIP. This is an absolutely moronic way to spend time, especially when you’re over 20 years old, but when girls Secretary from the Dean’s office in my uni drinking alcohol samples for research in a lab and did a SIP from the bottle of whiskey Dean, I realized that it happens often-a lot. Such an extreme.

6. To go to wander through the floors

Some bro to do this, take a stack of papers, I type.

7. Go to smoke

What kept me quit, it’s like a good reason to get out of office and be alone with his thoughts. I think many will understand me. Still Smoking is such a «good reason» to get out of the office or home, be back in 5-10 minutes and sit on his seat, emitting a smell of cigarette smoke.

8. To eat

Once I wrote about how unhealthy these snacks in the office every day. It seems to us that we ate 100 grams of nuts that is not enough, but in terms of calories and the harm is a lot a lot. It is in order to somehow entertain themselves, we buy pretzels, chips, nuts, candy bars and cookies. Of course, we get fat, and by leaps and bounds, but to get rid of this habit is difficult.

9. Make or buy coffee

Caffeine is supposed to make us fitter, happens sometimes, but we always forget that caffeine — thing is fast. You think you’re on top of the world and you can have it all, but dust takes place after about thirty minutes, and you feel even worse than before.

10. Flirting with colleagues in the corporate chat

Or share all sorts of videos about the Olympics in Sochi. Any conversation between real people, which is very boring.

11. Stupidly staring at the screen

Back head with her hand, put your hand on the mouse or keyboard and look at the screen. Kinda busy, but almost sleep with my eyes closed.

12. To throw his colleagues some trash until the boss sees

Assuming of course that you’re with them in a normal relationship and this waste is not all waste, such as paper airplane. Yet we must remember that when people really work, and in their society there is a person who is resting like it is not everything.

13. Playing games on your phone or tablet

In fact, most of the games on the phone suck, but there are those that can help you pass the time. Besides, no one knows what you’re doing with the phone… I, for instance, bought Machinarium and downloaded Tiny Death Star, pretty funny projects. Who are comfortable playing on your phone?

14. Watching all the stupid videos on Youtube

Still relevant, because people do not stop to shoot videos, a. do not stop to work, and we never cease to watch them. Here is such a vicious circle of laziness.

15. To read manygoodtips.com other informative sites

In fact, it is useful, of course, because we are alone, and not hipster at all. We worth a read.

16. To write to my woman

The right priorities, dude. However, to do this when you decidedly have nothing to do, it doesn’t feel right, isn’t it?

17. View all social networks, blogs and even soap for new messages or updates

This usually happens when we have absolutely nothing to do, and we believe minutes to the coveted end of the day.

18. Write someone you haven’t wrote and to whom, frankly, not worth it

For example, old friends of friends that you don’t remember, but I saw them a couple of times on some kind of joint party.

19. To play some browser game

To install the game client or the entire game many gigabytes somehow incriminating. But there are clever people who know how to play the work in Dragon Age, to throw off the saves on a flash drive, and finish at home. Most often, of course, playing cheap brauzerki: it is quick, convenient, you can quickly close the page in case of danger. Although personally I am not a supporter of such entertainment.

20. To read some famous blog

Or blog friend. So you are interested in a person’s life in great detail. If a person writes something interesting, it is a reason to seriously think over your life.

21. To call my mom

One of the most useful in this list of actions. Mother will be pleased, you will do your duty, saying that eating well and put on a warm sweater.

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