When and how to make tough decisions

When and how to make tough decisions

In life there are only a few dozen turning points that dramatically affect what road you choose and where it’ll lead. We rarely get direct route, which requires us to just hold down the gas pedal, and turn the album Black Sabbath and rush forward, ignoring every speed limit. Everyone would like to find a way, but most of us have to sit in traffic and look for detours, or alternative, to reach the cherished goal before we turn into a skeleton. You know when you need to make tough decisions, and when to slow down, we have limited in their editorial forges the text.

Tip # 1: the Others would have done the same?

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_zX215DwZcbUzfImagine that you are doing meaningful work for the sake of a noble goal, but soon realize that your boss is a fool, and colleagues and worse. You don’t want to stay, but to leave you conscience will not allow, because then you give your «business».

In this case, we just advise you to ask yourself: «How it would have done more, if they are in my shoes?». A place for patience and empathy is always there, however, it is not necessary to ask yourself what you would ask others here what’s the point. If you consider yourself Holy and set some double standards, you doom yourself to oblivion and misery, in the best case — depression.

Tip # 2: Find a room where they can let off steam

The practice adopted in many Japanese companies, and we would advise you to follow it, if you’re often make decisions in the heat — for example, when I force myself to go to the tattoo parlor drunk.

In the ’80s and early’ 90s, the researchers found that people with damage to the frontal part of the brain can’t learn from their mistakes and make informed decisions. In other words, your intuition located in frontal lobes. In a moment of anger, fear, drugs frontal lobe is not working as it should.

That’s why we suggest you wait until they are sharp emotions will not be able to dissipate, so that you could make an informed decision. On the other hand, it is not necessary always and everywhere to neglect their emotional state. It often tells us that we live not as we would like.

Tip # 3: More pluses and more minuses

Even Spock would approve the use of lists with pros and cons for making any decision. However, you should not oppose plus-minus, and more to study the subject from different angles, to delve into and find as much evidence in favor of both solutions. So, compiling these lists is only at first glance seems a simple task, but you find the strength to look beyond their noses and then realize that many things are opening is from a different angle.

Tip # 4: Pay attention to how you justify the decision

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_qy4xkXwVMN60OSometimes excessive rationalization, justification, belief, morals do us a disservice — distract us from our true desires. So, above we were talking to search all the pluses and minuses, and are now talking about how to forget about some of the positive and negative features a solution just to get rid of the nasty feelings of failure to comply with their own desires, when it was so close.

Tip # 5: Be persistent before leaving

Perseverance is somewhere between passivity and aggressiveness. The assertive person is a person with their own opinion, can go against the will of the leadership, but it is not a battering RAM at the gate. When you’re assertive, then you are considered. When you are aggressive — you can not do business. Feel the difference.

So, why is it important to be assertive at work, even when are you going to go? Explain. You go with a personal joy and a better life — are you worried about the problems that no one is going to solve it. You have already decided you want to go. However, before you do, you can give your employer a chance. Let him see your interest in the project. Then you’ll be sure that put the last nail in the coffin called «go», or made an attempt, which helped to break it to you, as an employee. The same strategy is relevant for the relationship when you break up. And anyway, if life persistent is the natural state of man, who stands firmly on his feet.

Tip # 6: Use your imagination

Quite an interesting exercise for your imagination, which perfectly fits the theme of any serious choice. As an example, again take the job, as it visually displays the selection of a turning point.

For example, you think to leave work. Imagine that you have failed to find a job. And then imagine that in the universe no other work. How did you feel? Became unhappy or, on the contrary, had fallen from his shoulders the huge burden of responsibility? Then go the opposite way: imagine to leave work is failed and you have to find a new job.

What has changed in your feelings? Became better or worse? Take these sensations as information that will help you make the right decision.

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