What’s wrong with me?



Good day! You have a super cool site! Recently discovered and now read all about all. Each article is a masterpiece, and very interesting to read) Thank you very much!

My situation is this:

I’m 19, not a freak, romantic, write poetry, play the guitar and piano.

In every relationship jump in and give what you can! But then there comes a time, after about a month, when I suddenly realize that this girl can bring happiness to someone else, and I’m going to think I’m a bad person, and that I used it because I think girls so it’s easier to forget me. But the truth-that only I know…

And then I’m torn in his loneliness, and soon again find a girl who fills it. But then again, I understand that I am not the one to be with her… What’s wrong with me? What I never enough with a girl?


Dude, we like that you appreciate our materials for such reviews and trying. Thank you!

And now about the question, which seemed to be very interesting. So the first thing I wanted to note is that to be romantic in our time is a special achievement, and maybe your problem lies in this. However, look at it from the other side.

You’re 19 years – not much, but enough to begin to understand what is going on in your head. It is clear that the male at this age are always reaching for light relationship, it’s unlikely you actually need something serious, maybe you’re not ready to take on any obligations. Roughly speaking, easy going, and when it comes down to it, then immediately back it up. It is somewhat reminiscent of the flight, which was caused by you yourself. The girl, meanwhile, remains in a very unpleasant situation for themselves, because it could count on something more.

If everything happens as you describe, then you just need out of the desire to make someone happy. You should not try, until you find the right person and until you gain experience. For a serious relationship you’re not ready, and the family at the moment is not for you. Some people are lucky at an early age to find «the one», but such cases are a tiny amount, and playing in a minefield, you just can’t get into any trouble.

So the advice is: first you have to stop to give some promises to his future girlfriend (and you have it exactly will be, or maybe more than one), stop telling her what you yourself are sure can not be, let the relationship be light and not binding, don’t give her false hopes. You should not act like a prick to end their relationship, in fact, received only goats. Better to just have a normal conversation and even to maintain a semblance of friendship. Otherwise you will spoil the ratio of girls to all masculine, and it will be much harder to tie any new relationship, trust me.

And yet, it is not a closed society and an open relationship are welcome from both sides. So just relax, be honest with the ladies and not build serious plans for the coming years. This youth, and that’s fine. The only way you will be able to find the right person and not to offend friends with whom you had some kind of relationship.

Otherwise, wish you luck. Do not make yourself unnecessary problems!

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