What’s the secret to Tetris?

Dudes from the TV series «the Big Bang Theory» believed that Tetris, the atomic bomb and the bride — those are the things that have come up in Russia. And really, dude, as in 1986, the country bears and the bitter cold was invented this phenomenon with falling figures, millions and millions of people spending billions of minutes of your time, playing this addicting game.

Moreover, it would not have developed the culture of game development, as developers and programmers not improved gameplay and graphics, Tetris is still the most coveted toy on any platform.

Tom Stafford, lecturer at the University of Sheffield, UK, believes that the basis of love of mankind to Tetris is the psychological human desire to streamline.

Same bro it is noticed that most of the games with the highest replay value are a simulation of cleaning. In football we score a ball in the place where he should stand, in Billiards we move the balls in the holes. That they are interesting. But Tetris is an endless cleaning that mess that causes your computer.

Also Tetris is interesting because it is a great model of so-called decent psychology «Zeigarnik effect». Zeigarnik, a Russian psychologist. One day she was sitting in a crowded cafe, drank coffee and watched the people. Among all the staff was amazing the waitress who remembered together 12 orders, but as soon as the plate touched the table customer, she instantly forgot the order, although he remembered it a moment ago perfectly. The reason is that people remember better and more just pay attention to the unfinished work, but whenever it ends, they forget about it, as if it had never been.

Tetris — this is an unfinished work, the eternal unfinished work.

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