What’s missing from a dude who no longer lives alone

About Golden days, when I lived by himself and owe nothing! To say that I’m not with him I miss, it means to dissemble. I live with a friend already about eight months and had to fully experience all the pleasures and pitfalls of joint life. No woman, I never in the world would want you to move out! However, some things, it’s hard not to miss.

You can speak with myself or with the cat when and how much

It happens to everyone: you can from time to time to have a chat with himself for a moment. I sometimes can say something like: «you’re stupid» or «Ass» is when I have something goes wrong. There are other cases, but it is interesting to read about my self-Toki? In short, I sometimes talk to myself, and in the presence of a woman I swallow his conversations in person, because I understand how it looks from the outside.

Moreover, I happen to speak very good. Very good and usually gives me very positive emotions and I want him to Lisp and to be nice, besides I speak with him quite a silly voice. In the presence of a woman of course, I sometimes allow myself a conversation with the animal, but in principle there is an option to feel the fool, when too often tally to the cat with their «guns-on-ovich».

To clean or not to clean at their own discretion

When I lived alone, I did it when you wanted and what you believed to be necessary. You want me at eleven at night to clean the floor to release tomorrow day off please do it. And no one tells me anything. I have no time to get out of work, because I have two weeks no weekends — what to do, wait for service, then survive. Want frenzy for a month and pose as a hygiene freak. Want do nothing and lie on the couch, reading the Chinese epic. Now it is not so. Now my wife has a clear plan of cleaning and cleansing strategically important places.

The interior depends only on me

Last New year I had in my apartment was one single Christmas decoration small Christmas ball that hung on the flower pot. The ball was there, because he rested from a shopping center my friend, it was such a small gesture. All! No trees, sticks, tinsel that the cat will eat it, because I decided so. What we have now? The tree, a variety of balls, garlands, curtain with tree from IKEA, you’re the weird one drawing by an unknown artist Passepartout — it’s all we have. I didn’t ask.

No one will condemn

I like to put his feet on the table because I have a habit of putting his feet on the table. I do it automatically without even thinking about it. Sitting at the computer op feet on the table. Moreover, I put a mug on a soft surface, when she has not had time to clean. Sitting on the couch, drink coffee, put the mug too, on the sofa. It is not disgusting, not a lack of education (at work I don’t put my feet on the table and put the Cup solely on a firm horizontal surface). This relaxed behavior is a sign that I am in a friendly environment. For me but not for my woman bothering a Cup on the couch and his feet on the table. I then wipe it, for God’s sake!

Drink up and eat up all the delicious with a clear conscience

I used to devour all by myself and I was not ashamed. Bought — ate. I bought bananas — ate all the bananas. Bake in the oven for a delicious vegetable — eat it before it’s all over. What now? Cooked a delicious vegetable, dinner, and tomorrow night he’s gone, because you are both still ate. And, of course, best I leave it — not because I want to look good in their own eyes, but because I am pleased. Glad to make someone feel good, but sometimes it would be nice and dozhevat the last of a crab stick.

Spending a lot of time alone

Really alone. When you live alone, you have not only plenty of time which you can spend on yourself — so you spend it on a good cause. You can sleep right after work, because the body requires — and so to sleep. You can lay on the couch and read until you’re blue, and nobody will bother you. Another plus: at home, you can work, and no one will drip on your nerves, they say, you’re home, turn off — I have the same urgent, it really seems like I don’t want to rest?

You choose what to watch and listen

And no compromise. In the mood for a festival movie please. With mournful mien not wait three hours and then not prove that the film is not overrated. I want stupid Comedy — look and laughs, not trying to see myself through his eyes and not appreciating how her scale you look like a fool.

It’s the same with music. The owner — a gentleman. Like Bracker — included in the morning Bracker and fry the pancakes, and no living soul on the planet questioned the ability of human beings to cook well under fast broken beats. Piglio mood — pehliva music with woman’s vocals are good, but not «like she’s whining that happened to her, what was worse, my Kanye West».

Sleep is straightforward

I remember in those days it was just one of the functions of the body. It’s time — went and got into bed. It’s time — stand up and do things. Now it is not so. When my time comes, it pots still aren’t ringing, because it rises the mountain-and-azdo later. As a result we both suffer: I go to bed later than I want, and it is before sleeping. Wake up too barely. I try to dress for a jog and didn’t Wake and she is not to pay attention to the fact that in a room someone goes and unwittingly makes sounds. But this is more than compensated by the presence of a woman in bed. Fuck it, I’ll go to bed later: it’s worth it.

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