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Hey, dudes. First I want to thank you for your work. You are doing a great job. I read with great interest manygoodtips.com know many interesting things. Nowadays, few of such publications that the more water present the material in the case.

And now for the problem. I’m 20 and I’m studying to be a performing musician. I love music and everything connected with it. I want to devote my life and career. But the thing is that I am also interested in other areas of activity, for example: design, calligraphy, photography, lomography, coding, web-design. Can be a long list, but the essence remains unchanged. How to make one without the expense of the other and Vice versa? How to prioritize? How to decide on the main activity? It is clear that since the formation of my music, and the priority is music. But we want to achieve some results in other areas.

Moreover, the desire to do something sometimes flashes and then disappears, changing to another. But then again I want to take up a previous case. And so the circle. That card will not work neither there nor there. I hope you understand the message I wanted to convey. Thanks for helping dudes, answering their questions!


Hey, dude! Yes, I clearly understood what you wanted to say and what to ask. Don’t even know you lucky or actually things go wrong. Just some guys are unable to identify and target at least one activity, and you have several options. It’s very cool that you don’t sit still, and act, even in several directions.

Your uncertainty can be explained by the relatively young age and lack of commitment. And I want to tell you that you should enjoy this time while you have all the cards in hand. Although, maybe for you, you will never be late, and you will always dart in place.

You’re diversified, and that means you will surely be able to find a job you like, if, of course, simply picked up the top from your favorite hobby. Of course there are pros of your impermanence, because you have time to try yourself in the role of different specialists and, finally, to determine what exactly you need.

It’s cool that you don’t have to throw out the hated work after three years of daily work. Although this option is not excluded. But, of course, there are also disadvantages in this kind of behavior, because you can travel a lifetime and never find a nook where you can spend the rest of my life.

If you regularly read our magazine, you may have seen the question of another guy who approached us with a similar problem. In General, I and our readers advised him to stop jumping from place to place and finally to define their profession.

I think you can afford such jumps only when you have no responsibilities or when you have already established a business that allows you to get rid of Affairs and fix yourself up a bit. Apparently, you’ve nearly passed the first period, but you are very, very far away.

Are you saying that if the education of music, then the music for your priority. Well, it’s not always the case. If you’re the guy who knowingly studied and understands it, then what else matters? So, music is your destiny.

Even we here in the editorial are now talking about a completely different topic, but some dudes said they need to do something, if you want to succeed. And so you’re pohvatali everywhere for a little bit, and what happens? Garbage, of course.

I think you need to listen to yourself, not to anyone’s advice, and to understand what actually you want and are you ready for that. I suspect I know the answer to your most basic question, just want to get some support. Because I don’t understand how you don’t know what I want anymore.

No, you do not have to. Also, what I said, don’t know what else can advise. Everything is in your hands, you will not be able to achieve excellent results in several areas. Or, even if you do, you risk to go crazy or fall into a deep depression.

It is also said that a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush. Better to let one profession than several not fully utilized. I wish you success and hope you will still be able to deal with this shit.

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