What you want and what you need

We constantly talk about, so you don’t forget about yourself and went on your way satisfying your own desires, ambitions and moving on its own trajectory. We all want a lot, but in reality we need much less. The problem is that the boundary between «want» and «need» are very blurred. Some desires are so strong that we take them for their important needs.

Wants and needs compel us to act. The only difference is the fleeting impulse of the needs that the needs are much stronger, they make us to overcome a lot of difficulties, working towards and achieve results. The desire that grew out of the impulse, strong in the sense that sometimes we are ready to lighten up the base requirements to run it. In some ways the desire is the highest need. But to confuse strong fleeting impulse and desire unworthy of a normal bro.

Everyone has the necessary basic needs: sleep, water, security, the ability to eat and defecate properly. To reproduce — also need, the problem is that people think this is a very important need for them personally, while reproduction is important for conservation of the species. Sleep is very important: don’t sleep — don’t do everything well. Unfortunately, many ignore. There are needs slightly higher, for example, in dealing with people, often above the needs of the population doesn’t rise on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

It’s all corny and clear to every student who has ever heard of Maslow’s pyramid (although theories of distribution needs a large darkness). Now is the time to remember what a compromise is. You can sleep for eight hours and go to work fresh. Or you can thump with your friends, have fun, sleep on the strength of four hours and come to work like a zombie. You will suffer from a hangover, it sucks to work under threat of dismissal, but to meet nice people and relax from the routine. There is differentiation of desires and needs. The need for sleep and a quality Breakfast against the desire to rest and good people over a beer. To do exact division of wants and needs would do well in free from Affairs time to understand yourself better. It’s almost a process of reflection, when you know what’s best for you, and take away desires and needs.

What I’m carrying it all? The main thing in this life is to learn to separate these two concepts, in order to cease to make decisions on the fly. So, dude, you met with friends right in the middle of the week, tomorrow is Wednesday and you sit with a hangover at the meeting, confusing honest people its smell from the mouth. We decide immediately that we were done, we agreed. No one will judge you for what you have refused the offer of friends in the middle of the week. You can always offer them to meet at the weekend. But you didn’t think about it. In your mind flashed these thoughts: «Friends called! Communication, beer I want!» You never once thought about the consequences, you did not mention about the need to compromise. It would be possible to agree to go out with the guys for two hours to get back home in time to sleep seven hours, to come is relatively brisk at work and no one to annoy, but you didn’t. Therefore, it is important to make the right decisions with all the pros and cons immediately. All the worst decisions are made on the fly, bad decisions and planned at least have the chance to be minimally risky.

Nobody wants to make bad decisions, content with only a fleeting desire, but without the slightest hint of analysis automatically dooms you to take this step. Most of our decisions comes at the very moment when we need to make a decision. We justify ourselves banal reservations or make a decision what we want in the moment without thinking that it could be completely pointless and wrong. We do not consider the near future, we do not consider that the next time the idea will seem to us stupid and ugly.

The only way to avoid such a spontaneous decision — to learn to think. Of course, to learn to react quickly happens not every guy, but to take a timeout and think about a problem can almost always. To take good and correct decision, it is necessary to consider. Sometimes in order to weigh all the «pros» and «cons», just three minutes, but we did not take even this time. Hasty decisions can bring only fleeting joy, for which you will have to pay. Well, you got a better job, glad one day that now I work in a cool company and all, «middle class», and then you suddenly realize that you can this post not to pull. What to do now? Take the eggs into their own hands and work.

Short-term goals — garbage

Short-term goals needed in order to satisfy basic needs that do not always have a place in the life of bro. The inability to separate needs and fleeting desires leads to the fact that we can’t wait long when we go to their cherished goals. Seriously, learn to stop and carefully consider, instead of taking spontaneous decisions, and then blush for their own failure and try to gloss over the outcomes of their activities, so nobody noticed how badly you screwed up.

If you have a long term goal, do not niggle. Always remember them and think of each event in the context of their desires. This distinguishes dreams from long term goals. If something threatens the quality performance of your plan, might have to give up or to build some type of compromise?

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