What you should not do after a breakup

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There are some things you should not do after a breakup with his girlfriend. Maybe you know about them, then we simply recall, and if you don’t know — pay attention. Here are five things you should not do:

1. Don’t try to be friends immediately

You both need time to «heal the wounds» and heal them you should far from each other. If you try to be friends immediately, you likely will remain in the status of «pair». Stay away from each other until you know for sure that it was over long ago.

2. Don’t do haircut or tattoo

In your life took a big change and you feel the need to do something to «refresh» or «diversify» their lives. For example, to make a cool tattoo or some incredible haircut. But remember that the change in appearance does not mean that you immediately become more comfortable. Maybe even on the contrary, if your experiments with the new way failed. Especially if it’s a tattoo that you’re gonna regret this.

3. Don’t start a new relationship

After the rupture of some relationships do not immediately make others. Of course, you can sleep with a girl, but not strive for a new monogamous relationship to fill the void due to the breakup with your ex.

4. Do not pour out the soul on Facebook, etc.

Don’t update your FB status telling you the seven stages of grief. It’s all for the girls, and a man should not snivel, even if you really want to make you sympathize.

5. Don’t call her every time she comes to mind

Of course, first you’ll remember it several times a day, but be strong, don’t call her every half hour and don’t chase her.

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