What you should not be at parties

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2014_tKtWhDMPyjfFHThere is nothing better than to get dressed, climb into a car full of your best friends, and rush to the club where you’ll find beautiful girls. True, you risk to spoil the holiday for yourself and others if you keep acting as one of the ten unattractive facial features, which have at any party.

1. Man in sunglasses

If something and needed a night in a dark room without Windows, where shines the laser light, then this sunglasses. The only person allowed to wear this in the club dude holding the leash of a dog fight. Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking for Sarah Connor, and the younger brother of Robocop. If you’re not the one and not the other, why not take off your glasses and join those who can see?

2. Man with a bottle of champagne

Let’s say you have a few extra hundred. For instance, you have in principle more money than most people in the room. Do you have nowhere else to put the money, but to spend on a bottle of champagne? The only case in which a group of men can share a bottle of champagne is winning the world Cup (well, in the Euroleague, if you basketball fans). If you guys in the club drinking champagne, it means that you kind of like a date.

3. The man who brought the girl to the club

Great idea to bring a friend to a place full of lonely men, though it is sure to be in a tight dress! They all stare at her and some even try to approach, to dance, and then buy a cocktail! Not to mention the fact that you’re gonna be staring at half-naked girls around. Come to the club with a girlfriend is like going to the zoo and look at animals because they bought a dog and she is jealous when you look at animals in cages. Chauvinistic comparison, but still.

4. The person who asks all the room

All the girls in a row: fitness trainers, police officers, Perkovic, bartenders and homeless. Your type — any type!

5. People, greedy for Cologne

It is difficult to understand where this border: squirts once — nobody will feel. Squirts two times a small difference. Squirts three times — all too much! This dude squirts without end, while the shirt will not get wet. He comes to the party, to everyone around you coughed, laughed and screwed up his eyes, because the air becomes acrid. One second next to him is like a punch in the face with a Boxing glove, marinovatsya in Cologne for a week.

6. People surrounded by

You and the whole Wu Tang clan brought? Or is it a mini-demonstration? No, it’s a way to counteract low self-esteem at the expense of others. You came with a friend? He brought a whole platoon! This place can accommodate 400 people, 350 of them are friends of our hero. Brothers, friends, classmates, friends, friends of Cycling — he loves all.

7. People in the jewelry

He will not go to the party, if not put on all the sequins that you find at home. He needs a watch, bracelet, earrings, chain and ring. Moreover, it is not the Egyptian Pharaoh, he just came to have fun and now rattles as forty Klyuchnikov together. Impressive?

8. People without money

He really wanted a party and rejoiced at the idea all the way. One failure: he did not foresee that entrance, drinks and food cost money. At the entrance he will tell you: «Oh, the ticket costs two hundred rubles, do we have to go here?» Buy the drink? It is not for him. Chip in for a taxi? What are you, crazy? Not to think that the party requires money, is like to go to war without bullets.

9. People not knowing what personal space is

You will hear every word, because he will stand in three inches from your face. Do you know him? Of course not! Have you seen him tonight? No, this is the first time, but this does not prevent him waving his arms in front of your face, barely touching the lashes. This trait is particularly well perceive the girl.

10. Man is a metrosexual

He came that it became uncomfortable. It’s confusing and normal men, and gay men, and even girls. This guy is dancing in designer loafers, belts, Haute couture, and smooth the hair with wax. You feel in the air the smell of strawberries is from him: before he smeared strawberry body lotion. The brilliance of a dazzling manicure.

Remember these words, man. If all would remember this, party will become a Paradise on earth.

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