What you should know, if you want to go to another country

It’s time again to tell you about the intricacies of life in another country. And if the last time we exaggerate and tell only about the problems, the horrors and fears, today you will learn about what you really should expect if you by chance or economic crisis wants to start a new life in another country. Our statements are true for every state on the planet, even the most prosperous.

Without knowledge of the language — don’t even bother

So, there are immigrants who go into a foreign country, did not even bother to learn the language of the host country. As a rule, or very poor category of citizens who are simply fleeing the country to find «a better life» or a very rich layer — people who do not need to learn the language until they have translators.

But if you’re a regular guy like us, then you are beyond forgiveness. Without knowledge of the language closes access many of the features of the other state. You will be hard to obtain the necessary documents to get a job, make useful contacts. You’ll feel a vestige of foreign companies, which will affect your life in the broadest sense. If you want to include a «pig Peter», then learn the language.

You will not understand


Learned the language? Great. Now you encounter such a magical thing as a misunderstanding on the part of foreigners of your strange dialect. You know the rules, spelling I know, I know the pronunciation, but people still don’t understand. Sometimes it will seem that foreigners over you’re just kidding, but it’s not them, the fact that you still do not understand how to speak a foreign language. And correctly it is possible to speak only when you feel it as our own. So get ready to learn to communicate again.

There will be a lot of work

Many believe that they work very hard here in Russia. And they think that once the salary abroad more and living better, and will have to work less. But everything is a bit different, they have to work. Especially immigrants who just crossed the border. Where to find a job will be extremely difficult, even in a country like Australia, where the unemployment rate is minimized. The fact is that in any normal country, a preference for its own citizens, and then foreigners.

You will feel it on own skin. You’ll see a sea of failures, and then will find one vacancy, for which you have to literally wage war. The first years while you rent a house, you do live will be difficult: work, work, work, BBQ, work. Of course, good work is rewarded in full, and its absence is rewarded with deportation. So if you want to live among polite and kind people; where wages are higher, the grass is greener and the air cleaner, then be ready to tear ass.

Nobody will patronize you

Surprise for those who want to sit on the neck of a foreign country. So Britain out of the European Union, the United States won Donald trump, and in France the coming to power of the conservative politician (Le Pen or françois Fillon — without a difference). The world rocked slightly to the right that says all lovers of social benefits only one thing: fuck you, lazy assholes! It will have a lot of work, as we wrote above, and, of course, have social guarantees to buy and not to a machine. In fact, the machine they receive, only the people of Somalia, the rest should be understood that the status of immigrant is a life of hand to mouth. In some States you even healthcare will not, and if they do, then you will have life. We do not Ustream you prospects, but just say that it is necessary to hope only for themselves, as everywhere.

Technical education in priority


On TV they often say that Russia needs technical education, the working class and all the craftsmen to make something with your hands. Unfortunately, the wages is not affected, but the essence should be clear. If you’re a humanist or «creative personality», of the state of you no. And it’s not only in Russia but also in other countries. It is much easier to obtain a residence permit in another country people who work as carpenters, surgeons, dentists, engineers, programmers. Artists and poets in this list, as lawyers and economists.

This is not to say that you will never be able to get canadian citizenship, if you are a poet. It only says that some Central canadian province will not force you to come to live, if you are a carpenter. That is that will help you get moving in full despite the fact that the need for such «rukastogo» and «muzikanti» occupations is huge, as in any scientific people.

You will lose friends

Your eternal friendship you drive from school is likely to melt before our eyes. Not because one will be jealous of you, though that can happen, and often; but because the two of you will share thousands of kilometers, the wall of ideas and mentality. You’re gradually going to adopt the mentality of other people, to grow up with other people, to live with foreign girls is a completely different food. Your friend also will not be standing still — will get a family, house, business and dog husky.

It is possible that to communicate through telegrams you can manage it, but not anymore. Your friends will be leaving over the horizon, and you will not be able to miss them with a glass of beer at «your» bar or go to a big party. While you would be hard pressed to find friends from the local community, so you’ll have some time to live without normal communication. And so, the Internet is no help — he is not omnipotent.


Important for those who wish to go to the promised land together. Such programs exist. You can leave with a friend in another country, and you may be considered a single entity. But here’s the problem: the difficulties of the first years of life in exile often destroy all relations.

We often watched as people parted. Not everyone is ready to understand that life in exile is not only the joy of the new, but sorrow and loss. And if not in time to lose the rose-colored glasses to get through difficulties, all may result in failure: the girl will go back, and you will remain completely broken in a country that doesn’t understand you. However, if you manage to keep a relationship with a friend, they will be tougher than Damascus steel.

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