What you need to remember in the worst day

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2014_S1jXfGd4fwzwfEven the worst day can put you a good lesson how to be better. Fall down? Don’t worry, we’ll help you avoid the shock from a kick, which gave you life.

1. Nobody said that life is an amusement Park

«If you look for perfection, you’ll never be satisfied«. L. N. Fat.

To be ambitious is pretty good. But if you’re planning to measure happiness according to the justified hopes and plans come true, your life will be full of frustration and discouragement. Accept the fact that in this world everything depends on you.

2. Success does not come quickly

«Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit». — Moliere

Consider any event with a long-term plan, do not expect that will all at once. Of course, to create something really worthwhile, will take time. But if patience fails you, and you knock the table with his fist in the most upset feelings, remind yourself why the goal is so important to you. And what you’ve accomplished, to be at least a step closer to her.

3. Every struggle is a lesson

«Once the storm is over you won’t remember how you got through it. You’re not even sure how it ended really. But one thing is certain: when you come out of the storm, you’ll never be the person who entered it». Haruki Murakami.

Never complain about how horrible your life is. Analyze and think about it, why the situation turned this way. And what you can do here and now to correct the situation. Experience, even in the most heinous situations, a valuable tool, with which you will be able to prevent such incidents in the future.

4. Without hard times you don’t appreciate the good

“Victories don’t make you stronger. Force formed in the struggle. When, overcoming difficulties, you decide not to surrender, then you show strength.» Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is not necessary to collect ashes throughout the city and sprinkle it with his miserable head if you hit a losing streak. Look at failure as an important part of their own evolution, and you will keep your confidence, walking with her head held high along the chosen path.

5. Don’t be afraid of your emotions

“No need to apologize for tears. Without emotion we would just be robots». Elizabeth Gilbert.

Tears, as the rapid display of anger on themselves and their failures is not a sign of weakness, but rather a way to release yourself from all this negativity, to let off steam. Buying men’s, appears on your face once in a thousand years, not taking you to the eternal shame to himself. Each person has his own way to relieve stress, but if emotions are running high — don’t be shy. Otherwise they will come out when it is the last thing you need and make a powerful slap your nervous system.

6. Stop worrying about everything

«The anxiety is devastating sadness of tomorrow — it empties today of its strength.» Corrie Ten Boom

This is one of the properties of human nature to be fixated on all the negative things at once. Even those that do not depend on you. Especially from those that you do not depend. It threatens a nervous breakdown. And in your head every hour of the day with endless horror movie with you starring.

7. Have the courage to seek help

«The most constant and important question of life «What are you doing for others?» — Martin Luther King.

Get help when it gets absolutely unbearable. Remember that many great people have achieved a little, if not asked for support when you needed it.

8. You deserve love and happiness

«Most people are happy as they decide to be happy.» Abraham Lincoln.

Think about what you’re thankful for right now. It can be a Cup of coffee that you drank in the morning, my mother, who still worries about the regime in your supply, a healthy eye that you read this article.

It’s so easy to lose sight of these tiny moments of happiness, when you have a bad mood. So do the main exercise for emotional recovery: counted on the fingers of at least one hand, those things for which you’re thankful for this life. Do this always when you is a spirit of discontent and apathy and dark thoughts will no longer have power over you.

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