What you need to know to graduate

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2014_9bbIwQuAcrSGiReceived the coveted diploma, you finally released from the shackles of the educational system and are in free flight. It is here that the fun begins. You, of course, free, but I don’t know what to do, where to start. Moreover, in this new world there are others, unknown to you, a former graduate, law, to help figure out who designed our present article.

1. This new section

Here are not matter what you were and what you were doing while I was in College. Best student of the course or the last loser here everyone is equal, and everyone has a chance to succeed.

2. Smile

The time has come to say goodbye to a teenage snot and grim look askance. Emotionally unstable, pessimistic, no one likes.

3. Learn how to Express their position

Your boss does not know about your brilliant ideas unless you yourself don’t. Learn to cast a vote if you want to be noticed.

4. Be flexible

Of course, in my perfect world there is no room for compromise and things work the way you want, but in reality you have to adapt to very, very much. If you want to live to 30, while remaining of sound mind and memory, be flexible.

5. Don’t take it to heart

No need to be upset over every little failure. Don’t waste your energy on something that doesn’t matter in the long run.

6. Don’t think that will work at my first job all my life

First job is a launching pad, one of those tiny steps that will allow you to move on, to conquer new career peaks.

7. Travel

Journey is the best way to understand the world and himself.

8. All hard

To find your first job, find the first normal work, to find the first interesting job, to find the first steep is all. Not only to you, as you seem to think. Don’t whine.

9. Don’t lose your friends

Work, career, all this takes a lot of time. However, your employment is not be synonymous with isolation. Factory new friends, find time for old. You don’t need a job that consumes your whole life.

10. Your personality is not confined to your position

Jobs, positions, alternate with each other, and you remain yourself. So it’s pretty silly to identify with who you are at work, don’t you think?

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