What you need to know to 18-20 years


There are certain things that we need to learn as early as possible. Their list is big enough, but out of this huge amount is sufficient just to highlight a few things that can be called critical. I have something to say about the title of this article. See, I don’t believe that the age of a person somehow affects his experience and mind. I have a very good friend that I have known for a long time and who is younger than me by three years. He kicked my ass for soundness of judgment and mental characteristics, when we met, he continues to do so until now. As you can see, age does not matter, except for very very big difference. But these are things you need to know exactly until the moment when they begin to live independently. They can learn through experience, but it will be much harder, man!

1. They all want you to stay stupid and dark

Ignorance is a great weapon in the information age. To learn something, enough for you not to*Bali, you need to have interest and access to the necessary sources, and this does not always happen. Therefore, the duty of the media, some books and lifestyle — keep you much less educated than you should be really. Therefore, praise you, pay attention to your individuality and uniqueness, while all this is good, must be earned. And all because you need to sell more crap product!

2. Training programs become obsolete

At University I had a course of e-Commerce. In fact, this subject taught us how to use Yandex-wallets, sites, and doing their primitive sites with purses and possibility of donation. But this whole course is very quickly outdated. Half of the sites in the training manual did not exist in reality, but some domains someone took it. This happens with any applied discipline to achieve success in the profession that you’re going to need to read more myself.

3. Read more

Your only salvation from harmful information and way of increase of intellectual abilities is reading good literature. Do not spray on a shit-philosophy and shit-psychology. Want to know something about this? Go to the source. Maybe when you first open Schopenhauer, Nietzsche or Jung, you feel the horror of the number of cross-references and overall text difficulty, but this, man, this philosophy, and psychology, not some shit. Don’t be shy to climb on Advisory services and reading books from the lists in the spirit of «100 best…» don’t forget about our list of good literature.

4. Not every person should be friends and chat

I do not like people — do not torture yourself. A good relationship with him you do not going. Stop thinking that every person can find a common language, experience shows that certain high, you can communicate politely.

5. Shy — stupid

This does not mean that you have to be a cocky bastard who can walk down the street in one sock on the causal place. Man decorates modesty, not shame! Besides, always remember about the antonym of shyness is determination. It is noticeable that colored positive color?

6. If you feel in your relationship at any stage, that’s all very strange and illogical, know that they will not last long

It’s complicated — the status for throwing the girls Vkontakte. In ordinary life, it’s simple: you like me, I like you, why to lose time in vain? With mozgalyova rarely something good.

7. Do not be shy to communicate with people who are better than you at something

Some bro trying to communicate with dudes who them in some way bypassed. But that’s very immature. People who are better than you in something, I can teach you some nice things. For example, those dudes who know something better than you in any hobby. Never hesitate to ask about something. If the man is normal, you don’t just tell me, what’s up, but will outline all the details. And why? People like to share the skills!

8. With time, you will become more conservative

Unfortunately, it is a fact. The main thing is to ensure that in old age you turn into a grouch, who believes that «before everything was better and X*R stood better.» You should have at least a semblance of a tolerant world view and a liberal attitude to some things. Why? Because it’s different views on life, which, as you can see, you carried through.

9. Reduce the cost of some things, it will help you to spend more money on other things

Dude, the craziest dream you can fulfill, if possible to reduce costs in one environment and the rest of the money to invest in another. In General, to live according to a specific model — a matter of habit. I in proof of this cited an interesting experience. The week easily can get used to sleep without any pillows, especially if you convince yourself that sleeping without a pillow — great for neck. By the way, this is far from the truth. Then I get used to new pillow, too, for a week. So you can easily get used to go to a pub than weekly and once a month, drink imported beer three times a week and three times a month. The released money will make you smile. They can buy a new plug for the big, better, and much more for your hobby. Oh yeah, no Hobbies — find.

10. You must have a hobby

Dude, it is an axiom. All of man’s problems in the spirit of «What a cruel world, with nothing to do, I don’t have favorite things» from the fact that someone couldn’t find a place for the soul. Cases like a lot. Modern: cooking vegetarian grub, Board games, role playing, coloring, miniatures, Cycling, boiling soap, playing folk instruments like singing bowls. Classic: sports, wrestling, Canoeing and raft, Hiking in the woods, music, books, passion for a particular path of science (astronomy, collecting minerals, organic chemistry, philosophy, psychology). Each person will find to his liking, there is no way that case is not, you just need to make the effort and find. To live the desire to have a female to breed and buy yourself a new car unworthy of a man.

11. Instead of having to install a thing or a phenomenon favorite, confirm it through experience

Why write and say all that you dream to go to Paris, and do not aspire to it? Maybe your dream is complete garbage? Why write that you love Dostoevsky, if you read one book, and that is not quite in school? Confirm your interests empirically, and then you’re going to meet who could read Dostoevsky, and you will be ashamed.

12. Learn to cook

Never think that it is a useless skill, and it is necessary to prepare to study the girl. Imagine that you had to live on their own, and you have no idea how to boil eggs and grits! You get in trouble, my friend. Of course, by trial and error and looking on the Internet you will learn to cook a simple dish, but you’re passion will dream of good pilaf, French meat and homemade salads. My advice to you: learn to cook, it is not so difficult but very useful. But if you at least once in six months something will cook for his girlfriend, you’ll get unreal respect and love.

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