What you need to know men, the girls


The women just brought up differently. I don’t believe we are so different, as is commonly believed cattle-psychologists. I saw life frighteningly effeminate nature of the male masculine and strong-willed women who didn’t understand flirtation, emotions, and other female things. But still the majority of men and women are brought up differently, and women’s innate emotionality and the ability to look for the subtext can distort any of our words. Harness our knowledge to understand what a woman wants (it’s not that difficult really)!

1. White lies are good (in moderation)

In relations should be moments of truth. You must know them, friend. At least from the point of view of banal logic. To determine, just ask yourself the question: «If I lie, it’s the end of trust?» But white lies need girls like us need praise. Such questions like: «is She prettier than me?» «If I can get this job?» «I dress better than her, right?» — other-other. They need to NOT answer the TRUTH, because you want praise and raise self-esteem. So well-bred women, just let it go already!

2. Arrogant guys come last

Some guys stubbornly confuse «Nice guy» and «Weak spineless asexual dude.» They finish last. But completing the «cross» arrogant upstarts who are trying to lower the girl, thus showing that they are alpha males. These guys finish last, or they give girls with lots of complexes. First come the guys that girls call good are those that may be of interest to make a girl laugh to tears.

3. When a girl wants to spend time alone, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remind her about your existence

Girls don’t always say what they want. Sometimes a girl needs to be left alone, but that doesn’t mean you should leave her alone. If you live together, just give her some space, let him sit in the same room or in the kitchen, tea drink or maybe girlfriends going. But in this case, you still owe her or call, or ask how’s her condition now. And then suddenly she died accidentally, with a Cup of tea in the kitchen, and you did not notice? Girls like when they are taken care of.

4. Girls like it when you’re a little jealous

Logic girls is simple. There is a saying «jealous — means loves». Therefore, if he is not jealous, it does not like. If a girl does not follow this logic, it sincerely is surprised, when staying the night at somebody’s house or hanging out with friends-men that you are no riots do not celebrate this fact. The girl may think you’re sure no one except you is not necessary, and it is a shame. Women is horrible, I want at least a little jealous. So when you see her in the company of a man, strictly ask: «Who is it?»

5. No need to call every day

When the relationship is just beginning, it makes sense, girls like the attention. But when you are together for a long time, calling only irritate the girl. Give her personal space, man, at least a little! Girls even like the weaker sex, but that does not mean that she, like some of the nineteenth century, constantly need a reliable hand, and she you won’t be able to go on the potty.

6. Prelude never hurts

Even if you think that during foreplay you get older by 20 years per second, the girl doesn’t think so. She needs time to get aroused, while you do. These scenes from the movie where the guy instantly excites the girl and she then passionately jumps on it, a complete fallacy. In real life everything is different. Loving girl, like to drink good beer, you have to slowly and slowly, you know!

7. Attention to detail

Girls love when someone remembers all the little details that are of importance. If you don’t care, will anyone know, what is your favorite chocolate, for the girls it plays a big role, because in her understanding guy who gives her not the flowers that she loves; doesn’t remember her name or mom doesn’t know what day she was born, simply did not believe that it is important to him. Some girls in today’s world a more relaxed attitude to such things. But still they always find things that they are offended when they find out that you don’t remember them. Yo bro there are such things. «What, you don’t remember the name of my grandmother?» -some bro really offended. «You don’t remember what my favorite team and in which division it plays? No, it doesn’t matter that I don’t remember what the name of your favorite chocolate! It’s important to me!» Even girls like when you remember to take out the trash, but that’s another story.

8. Women don’t like supercacls

No, girls don’t need the cabinets. These sweaty people who spend their evenings in the gym, which drip with sweat and drops of protein shake. Girls love uploaded. Good strong biceps, no beer belly and folds on the back. It is, in fact, ideal for girls, because many do not respect even uploaded, because I think that the man should be warm and homey. But still better to beef up healthy and be more competitive.

9. Girls can afford one week a month to be a bitch

It’s not even in «those days». Some of the girls during «these days» lying in the corner and moan that nobody likes them. But they are often really unbearable. They can yell at the toaster, to cry over the news and following you around like a cat, repeating that you don’t appreciate. If you can’t understand why girls behave, imagine something that once gave the example of one of my friends. Imagine that you every 10 minutes hitting a soccer ball with his feet on the eggs, and every 20 minutes you feel your crotch something falls out. Enjoy your meal, if that.

10. The complexity of understanding

Really to understand women is not so difficult. Most often, we just don’t want to pay attention to the signs girls, assuring myself that she knows what she wants, she’s a woman, that means she has no logic. It is not, dude. Trust me, the other sometimes can’t see for themselves that they are doing the typical passages, more typical of female logic than for men. But we blamed on abstract thinking or sometimes induction. But when we refuse to watch a movie if the main character plays a gay man who in real life was not nice to you, or when we refuse to watch the anime just because we don’t like the Japanese, we also have the typical female logic.

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