What you need to know before you start a relationship

relationshipFrom time to time you meet with different girls, spend a couple of evenings or weeks, leave and find a new one instead. Once you get bored and you’ll understand that I want to devote all of our energies in one direction to get the result. You will understand that you don’t want to throw away, because I want to see the fruits of their labors. Laudable desire. However, one desire is not enough. To start a serious relationship, you need to be ready for them, otherwise the attempt fail miserably, and you didn’t want to repeat the bad experience. What things do you need to know before you start a relationship?

1. Women are changing

As well as yourself. In General, the question if people change, still remains open. On the one hand, we all evolve, to acquire new skills and experience, and therefore it can be argued that we do not remain the same. On the other hand, the fundamental properties of our personality traits, are the pillars on which is built the identity of any person is in most cases remains unchanged, and therefore, we can say that people don’t change. It is these trends you should be ready.

When you just start Dating, it can be presented to you the living embodiment of an ideal: a wonderful sense of humor, impeccable taste, lack of snobbery, dirty jokes, love football and anal sex, as well as the ability to eat burgers and still maintain the forty-second size — it can combine all what you like in women. However, time goes by, and one day she may find that comfortable clothes like her more graceful, or to begin to eat properly to not get fat, refusing to keep you company in fast food. All of this can happen, but remember: with all this, it remains the same wonderful woman you love.

2. You will be something she needs

Maybe you will start to live together then you will have a lot of household disagreements, but it happens. Everything will be solved without great sacrifice in working order — it is not about that. It’s about the fact that you have for her to sacrifice and to do what you don’t like. Be ready for that. You’ll have to come to her at family gatherings and spending time with family. You’ll have to introduce her with his family. When she gets sick, you have to put the mustard and to make tea — so behave loving people when their dear person bad. From time to time you will reschedule a meeting with friends to spend time with her. Sometimes relationships require sacrifice. Take comfort in that they require sacrifices from both sides: giving something, you get something in return. If you’re not ready, this means that while a serious relationship in your life is yet to come.

3. You need to learn to communicate

Communication is the main difficulty in relations between a man and a woman. What is up to psychologists to find better ways of interaction between the sexes! How many relationships have died because people were not able to have a proper conversation with each other! Just cross the pride, to pull the tongue out of your ass, calm down and talk. Give him a break on the little things, but if she does something offensive to you, just tell her. Don’t be silent. Discuss the problem humanly and readily, do not tighten the conflict longer than a day. No dramatic texts, no flowers and candy, no collecting things is nothing will not help you. You save only an open and sincere conversation with a raised visor. If guilty, admit it and apologize. If she is guilty, explain that you don’t like and why. So she’ll understand you and in the future will behave differently.

4. You have to work

But all your efforts are worth it. Compromise is not always easy. Women are generally easier to adapt to change, but enough of those who are unable to adjust quickly, and start to live a new life. A man who is accustomed to solitude, accustomed to focus only on your wants and needs. And suddenly — kaboom! — you’re in a relationship and now have to think about the feelings and desires of another person. It is in exactly the same circumstances and it, too, must adapt. You both need to listen to each other and to yield. But now you are together and you have the opportunity to constantly be there.

5. You cannot just go and throw her

That is, of course, possible. But at the same time is impossible. When you chose a woman, not dump her at the first differences. We can’t leave her, even when happened something serious. We can’t leave her, even if you think that your feelings have changed. If this approach to relationship, they will break under the onslaught of the first severe test. Separation is a serious step, to decide on which is possible only through a serious and thorough analysis. Will never turn back. Then there will be, but only with loss of self esteem.

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