What you need to know about traveling on a motorcycle

Porada.yak.ua_9.07.2014_cdKIa9CG0jBbFIf you have a bike, can’t you talk about the pros of traveling by motorcycle. The main difference of this trip is a burning sense of freedom. Even if it is raining outside and you’re riding on your bike, these little drops will not be able to restrain your ardor. But the advantage over cars in traffic? You look askance drivers when you maneuver between them pathetic and helpless at this point, the pieces of iron.

If you have not yet acquired this faithful two-wheeled friend, then grab the money saved for a holiday in Turkey and go to the salon, justified a useful purchase. Hide the checks from a friend and started planning their journey on a motorcycle.


Of course, there are advantages in not planning to go on a trip. But if you want a quality vacation, then spend your time on preparing for the trip. The most important thing is equipment. The weather is hot and you thought about how to wear something light and purged? Take your time. Remember that in different regions, the temperature is radically different. Not that in the regions, even in neighbouring towns. If you wear a lightweight outfit, bring thermal underwear, a sweater and gloves.


Make for yourself a help-sheet. In it, you can make the addresses and numbers of hospitals, police stations, shops, bikers, clubs in every town you’ll visit. As there is only a help-sheet for Moto-travelers across the country, if you want you can see for yourselves. If you are infinitely kind and helpful, you can even make yourself in this most help-sheet. Be ready to assist a stranded biker ally.


Duplicate all the existing documents you have (passport, both civil and foreign, drivers license, visas, insurance). Make some photocopies and scan. One copy of the photocopies take, and put it separately from the original. A scanned version of throw on the stick. No one is immune from the loss of securities, that identifies the individual. In such unpleasant situations you will have backup options for the management of documents that you can use.


Take at least two phones. Again, you could lose or break my cell phone. In the case of extreme travel to exotic and specific parts of the country (world) should buy a satellite phone. With this gadget you will be in touch always. As for hotels — here a choice for you. If you crave adventure, it is better not to make a reservation and pick up in advance housing. If you prefer a quiet planned vacation, then go with the query to a search engine.


Let’s see, should I go alone, traveling on a bike for the first time or should I bring friends? The best course to take someone with you. This should be a person similar to you in temperament and habits. In these visits has its own nuances. Someone who likes to live in a hotel, someone in the sleeping bag and acceptable to some stew out of the jar for lunch, and someone will look for a café to eat. All this is very important on long journeys.

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