What you need to do before going to sleep

Paradis.com.ua_25.09.2014_yqXbEIK0hNTMUYou have heard tips on how best to start your day with a leg need to get up, to successfully conquer the world. But end of the day is just as important in the development of your strong personality, so now, read about what is helpful to do before bed after a hard day.

1. Read before bed

Besides the obvious benefits of new knowledge and the flow of intelligence, daily reading helps to reduce stress and improve your memory. For example, billionaire bill gates spends an hour of your time, so before going to bed to read a quality book. He likes «informative and beautifully written books» and subjects to read, he selects various fields from healthcare and climate change to business and politics. Gates says that he considers himself a very fast reader, though never took courses on speed reading.

In 2009 the staff of the University of Essex, which occupies the 9th place (out of 150), in the last official rating of research achievements, proved that just six minutes of reading a day can reduce stress levels by 68%.

Opening the book before going to sleep, sitting in your favorite chair or lying on the sofa, you do a kind of psychological mind training that helps to improve the long term health of your brain. The same studies have shown that regularly read people are less likely to suffer from dementia or senility in old age.

2. Unplug the phone

You lay comfortably in his cozy bed and decided before going to bed to watch a movie, read a message, check e-mails, and then it started… And the clock is already 11 at night and three in the morning. First, you don’t sleep enough. Secondly, you specifically will ruin your eyesight, third, this, again, is bad for your brain (all sorts of waves, radiation, etc.), and the last is your private time and your time of rest.

No one should bother you empty household, or even more, work chatter. For example, the Executive Director of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg turns off the phone, as working for technology company, it knows exactly when you want to disconnect.

Well, if your smart phone has the function of an alarm clock, just take him into the next room. Thus, you will not tempt the idea of «five minutes,» and you in any case have to get my ass out of bed.

3. Take a walk

It is proved that a short daily walk before bed contribute to the development of their creative potential, by itself, improve health and contribute to a strong healthy sleep.

CEO of Buffer Joel Gascoigne, too, prefers to walk before bedtime.

Gascoigne makes every evening a 20 minute walk to completely disengage from work before dark.

«It gives me the opportunity to evaluate the past day, think about more complex tasks, then gradually stop thinking about work and reach a state of fatigue,» he writes in his blog.

4. Relax

Easy meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Sit in a favorite chair, meditate on pleasant. No soul-searching. Get in a hot bath. Listen to your favorite music. Even if in addition to hard rock you don’t listen, let this be the one and only lyrical and relaxing composition of your favorite artists.

5. Use a non-standard approach

If you don’t have time in the working day to find time to ponder the important questions for you, be it personal or work, try to do it before bed.

Numerous studies prove that to solve creative problems or questions night time — optimal, even if you’re dead tired for the past day. Scientists say that at this time the ability to think logically is on the decline, but opportunities for the manifestation of something extraordinary, such that the brain tried to score, considering these things are too good or unreasonable.

«My bedroom is my sanctuary,» says the famous designer Michael Kors. «It’s like a sanctuary where I do — at least conceptually if not literally.»

6. Make a plan for tomorrow

Kenneth chenault, CEO of American Express, writes down three things he wants to achieve the next day. It helps him to prioritize in their actions the next morning. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of time management, with the beginning of a new morning can give you the appropriate mindset for performing labor feats.

And it is useful to summarize what you have achieved today. For example, in his autobiography, Franklin laid out a schedule that would lead him to «moral perfection.» According to this ideal schedule, Franklin asked himself the same question every night: «What good have I done today?» and every day was tracking your progress.

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