What you lose in travel


Today let’s talk about the Wanderers and travellers. Own travel have a different nature. For some the journey is the ascent via the most difficult route, when you eat some dried fruit, and the burner cannot heat the kettle – the water simply evaporates from the terrible pressure. In other words, the test is not available to everyone and requires total commitment, courage and willpower. For others a simple picnic in the woods or a walk looking for mushrooms – already clash with nature and a journey. Such trips people make in the weekend when a bit of time, but still want to recover their mental strength before the next working week. To collect mushrooms, too, is important to know what and how to cook them.

However, there are strange things that we learn from some friends of us «travelers». Instead of having to hear something new and exciting, we have seen one depression. The guys just went on the known trails, hanging out in hotels, booze in front of TV, well a couple of times a day out a little further from the hotel. What happened to us?! Where adventure, where the spirit of adventure? You have to overcome hundreds of thousands of miles just to drink and watch TV? Or stand on the observation deck? No, something stinks here. And if you’re one of those people who manage to go far away and try someone else’s life, we made you a list of what you definitely lose in travel.

So I the first time! I just know it!

Buddy, don’t do that. You came here, planned a trip, spent your money, and in order to look? Life is fleeting, and the other attacks can not be. People slipping on liquid soap in supermarkets, fall and die. Liquid soap, man! And you come in, say, the Greek city and confined to the coast and souvenir shops that are designed for the dumbest of tourists.

What we want to tell you? So a simple thing: if where you were going, then use the opportunity in full. Not should be limited to common routes, even if a little bit of time. I would even say that if no time, then it’s an extra reason to plan a trip.

Life guide


There is a kind of people who will not make the step, if it will not be a particular statement. Arrived in the city, seeing what his attractions, but more is needed. All! The city studied and does not need your attention. But when we are somewhere out there, you are convinced: even a small settlement is fraught with mystery and beauty that no guides will never be fixed. They need to feel yourself and to open.

It could be any cafe that serves «the world’s best Shawarma», or some sort of mountain plateau, which can be reached only in the case if you go barely visible path. It is impossible for life to go on trails that are trodden by others. A massive crowd of people killing idyll of nature, robs it of mystery. Sometimes it is necessary to deviate from an intended course, to find something unique, something know one. And don’t be afraid to do it, just don’t rush into anything, through the forest (not lost), and travel wisely.

Than real live residents

If you are a traveler or at least dream to become one, then you will want to see the real life of the people and not what is shown to tourists. All these souvenir shops, entertainment venues that are on the Central squares, tourist eatery – it is only the illusion of life. The truth lies in the details, and to find her is not easy. Try to pay attention to where purchased by local residents, where they go to relax, why prefer wild beaches, not public and why go to a nondescript diner when standing next to a gorgeous facility.

Of course, if you want to feel the spirit of foreign places, then no talking is not enough. Therefore, to harness my social anxiety to hell and try to establish contact with the locals. If it is a foreign country, try to speak English, even in cases when it is convinced that the people on it do not speak. Most often, especially in tourist cities, citizens are forced to know this universal language. Ask about life, about the problems of society, about some positive things. Sure, there are fans to talk about, and you’ll are in possession of unique information and vivid memories. And, of course, always ask about the local cuisine – don’t trust the tour guides, the local know about the culinary gems much better.

Carefree holidays leaves no trace in the memory


We know these guys, lovers lie on a lounger and SIP on a cocktail under the shade of a spreading tree. In fact, when stuck at work on such a dream. But when I remember his adventures, always pay attention, memory clings to the difficulties, trials, but not for the rest, which was just for guests. No, of course, someone such leisure needs. Probably there are people who take tickets to Australia, fly there, and after you barricade a couple of weeks in the hotel. Lots of money spent, the country did not recognize, but he capitalized all the dishes from the menu. I have plenty of friends that like this type of holiday and prefer, and I do can not understand.

Now imagine your memories are full of vivid and exciting pictures from the life: expedition, climbing the mountain, two weeks crossing the forest, a brutal fight with a Marlin on a boat in the middle of a stormy sea. Soon things escalate into sickening of imagination, something unreal, and the reason for this is our own helplessness. We locked in their terrariums and are afraid once again to challenge yourself, your fears, yeah, all over the world. manygoodtips.com sees this trend and once again instructs your guy: don’t be afraid of inconvenience and hardship, not afraid of hardship, which can catch you in the most unexpected corners of the planet, because they are the Foundation of any true adventure. Without those things it is impossible to appreciate the beauty of those places in which we are.

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