What you lack in life?

By.kom.ua_10.12.2014_hvNxrp2c2Q2A8Surely you ever felt that your life looks cool and great, except nominally, if it is written on paper dear interesting book. That’s just not haunted by the idea that still something was missing. All wrong, all wrong. You have successfully finished University, you have a great job and a roof over my head, ideally, without holes, you go to the gym, but no matter what, you do not leave strong feeling that something is missing. So, but what? Most likely, you gnawing lack of fulfillment. A brilliant psychologist named Abraham Maslow in 1954, he developed the famous hierarchy of needs, where he described the basics of human existence not only of survival. In it, he touched intellectual, spiritual and social development. Today we take this pyramid in turn and consider its main points, trying to find the answer to the question of how to help the human being in its eternal mental anxieties.


1. The need for security

In all major countries there are funds, rehabilitation centers and nonprofit organizations that help former prisoners return to the labour market and find a new job. Employees of these companies noted that permanent employment is one of the main factors in preventing relapses. And there is one rule: while people are looking for work, choosing the best option for themselves, they are motivated and enthusiastic, as many of them are lack of work even for two weeks means that you have to go back on the street, and it’s a huge risk of a rollback in the system. But, nevertheless, this stage is a major problem for them. The difficulties begin when they receive the desired steady income, even if minimal. What now? Where to start, to continue a full life? Food, shelter, safety, because it is not the main purpose of life, is not the limit of human dreams. Need more… But more what? Money in the Bank? Food in the fridge? Physiological needs and the need for security is not just the important points, they are basic. But they can’t give the person a feeling of happiness. The answer to the question «now what?» is actually very simple – the need for love and friendship.

2. The need for love and friendship

Assemble the puzzle own sanity, peace and tranquility is impossible without individual pieces, which are the people closest to you. Even if you’re introverted in the seventh generation, you still need someone who will share with you the joys and sorrows. At least one soul. If you live far from your family, and all your University friends have left the country in all directions, your next step will be to rebuild the whole network of communication and to find someone who cares for you. Dude, we know it’s not an easy task, but it is an integral part of the way to knowing yourself as a full person. Figure it out. What’s next?

3. The need to respect

True friends and family would fully help us to understand how we need. And important. Look around: if you are surrounded by wonderful people who call you a friend, not as you mean, and shit, which tend to consider themselves in moments of mental suffering. Pride, self-respect, self-confidence – of course, we ourselves are the sources of these characteristics, and without them it is difficult to achieve vital progress, but, of course, we had assistants who helped us in word or deed in difficult times, provided support, helping to get up from his knees to his feet, if life has been throwing powerful Fibonacci. Be objective, considering its priorities and standards, and remember that people need people. Remember? Went on.

4. The necessity of self-realization

Maslow believed that to reach the top of the pyramid called «self-actualization» capable of only the most large and extraordinary personalities such as Abraham Lincoln, albert Einstein and Aldous Huxley. This stage is a potential of who you can be and become in the future. At the moment there are many variations of what is meant by this concept, but Maslow himself argued that this point comes down to a few basic rules.


If you reached the top of the classification, so definitely have a real look at yourself, accepting your flaws and ignorance as part of oneself, along with your strengths, abilities and talents. Accept and love yourself for who you are. And if some cockroaches bothering you more than others, get their hard in training and re-education. Dude, really, don’t be so serious boring, learn to admit their mistakes and deal with them. Learn to laugh at yourself!


A characteristic of the independent, free and Autonomous personality, but that does not mean alienation and loneliness. Autonomy is, first of all, «freedom for», but not «freedom from». There is a rule: everything that happens to any part affects the whole system, so do not live in spite of, or as all live», because «what people do». You are who you are. Here and live and work with what we have.


Regardless of the support of loved ones you must help sinking themselves. Moral encouragement in difficult times or replace the flat tire.


Don’t even think it that you saw everything there was to see, tried everything that can be tested. Forget that stupid saying about the old dog to teach new tricks. Always be open to new ideas or possibilities or, even better, create those opportunities yourself.

Centering on the goal

People who are active in self-actualization, focusing on solving global problems, not exchanged for trifles. They have a certain life goal, or task, the resolution of which they believe to be her primary duty. It is a goal that the person wants to achieve and needs to achieve it. And there is no place for pettiness or the pursuit of personal gain. Think bigger: the idea is to try to make a better world or a single person to help his family or as many people. No one says you have to join the peace corps, but there must be some principle, some vision of the future that will point you in the right direction. But what would it be for you will have to look for.

Self-realization is a very long process. Moving up the hierarchy, we encounter the many challenges that arise on our journey of self-discovery. At the basic level we are fighting against diseases, hunger and danger. Next, we confront loneliness or dependence on painful relationships. The process of self-evaluation brings us a lot of doubt and depression or, conversely, pride and arrogance. And then at the final stage we have to solve the major questions of human existence. What is the meaning of all this? What is best in life? I want to leave behind? Outstanding personalities in history spent thousands of sleepless nights, hoping to find the answers to these questions, but failed. Perhaps we will never find. So you left but the endless struggle? Nothing, we call it infinite growth.

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