What you didn’t know about Shakespeare

Work.kom.ua_21.04.2014_BBxciJsFl02KnShakespeare is an exceptional individual. To come up with so many still relevant quotations and stories that stick out from nearly every modern book or film is a must try! However, the Shakespeare we know not so much: most of the documents of the time are not preserved, because much time has passed. The exact date of birth of Shakespeare is unknown, known only the date of baptism — 26 April. It is noteworthy that the writer died in the same month in which he was born. Moreover, he died on April 23 — perhaps the man was born in the same day. What an irony, almost in the spirit of Shakespeare!

As the old Da Vinci, Shakespeare was an enigmatic figure, owes its mystery to the efforts of hoaxers and conspiracy theorists. But that makes it only better.

1. Shakespeare was not the Shakespeare one in the theatrical life of England

His brother Edmund, who was almost 16 years younger, was an actor in London, but did not take it seriously. Edmund died at the age of 27 and was buried in a very good location, which proves that William Shakespeare did not suffer from a lack of money, however, as his family.

2. Shakespeare was not poor

Because Shakespeare was a native of commoners, no one kept Chronicles of his life. It was believed that this honor only worthy representatives of the noble families, wealthy merchants and clergy. Shakespeare was from a family of prosperous artisans, that does not fit into the concept of noble birth, so biographers are not able to determine even the exact time when Shakespeare started to play in theatre or writing plays. It is known only that Shakespeare almost never in poverty. It is believed that Shakespeare came from an impoverished noble family — perhaps that is why he is so fussed about creating a coat of arms, motto and award him the names of high status. And perhaps, a successful playwright just wanted his coat of arms, family nest and the resounding motto. Shakespeare even coined it: «Not without right.»


Our hero was distinguished by great intelligence and wit. He was able to put the actual play, not shy of the ability to earn actor and invested their money somewhere. Not to say that he amassed a huge fortune, but it certainly was big. At the age of 33 he was able to buy the second largest house in Stratford-upon-Avon. Later he acquired property in London and in Stratford. In his will he was able to leave only his second daughter Judith the sum of three hundred pounds, and it was good money. It is also worth noting that his fellow playwright Thomas Dekker was in debt for most of his life.

3. Shakespeare worked as a co-writer

It was a common feature of all playwrights of Shakespeare’s time. Sometimes to the creation of a single play had a hand in three or four of the writer. It seems that Shakespeare liked to work alone, but he wrote many plays in collaboration with other writers. He worked with Thomas Middleton on «Timon of Athens» and with John Fletcher on «Henry VIII». As for the most famous parts of «Macbeth», there is a high probability that this is a joint work with Middleton.

4. A lot of words of current English created by Shakespeare

It seems to us that the language of Shakespeare artsy and unique, but used to be much worse. In comparison with the contemporaries of Shakespeare reads much faster and more enjoyable. Even the words that came into use completely and seem to be absolutely modern, was coined by Shakespeare almost 500 years ago. For example, such as «eyeball», «bloodstained», «radiance», «assassination» and the word «lackluster». The number of collocations and sayings, Shakespeare introduced into the English language, exceeds the amount entered in our speech Griboyedov.

5. Shakespeare’s sonnets are not autobiographical

Of course, we don’t know for sure, but most scholars agree that Shakespeare’s sonnets have nothing to do with his real life. Wishing to find anywhere homosexuality insists that Shakespeare’s sonnets has about his life, but the evidence not find. Writing sonnets at the time was a fashionable pastime. These have been studied by many great men of the time, and all because the sonnets were a stylish way to show people your skills in the skill of writing. Most of the people who wrote them, in fact did not suffer from unrequited love, but just showing your style.


6. Shakespeare’s daughters were illiterate

It’s weird, because at that time, wealthy women were able to write at least her name. Children Shakespeare had three, but survived only two daughters. Susanna, second daughter of Shakespeare, he knew how to write his name, the second daughter and do not know how. Shakespeare is not specifically taught his daughters to read and write, as I was sure that the woman is not necessary.

7. Shakespeare did not care about the fate of his creatures

Except those that were written for wealthy customers. Very good reviews by renowned critics of the time Shakespeare was his work… work. The first collection of his plays was assembled theatre workers, not by Shakespeare. Throughout his life, Shakespeare didn’t seem to care, will survive his plays or not. This can partly be explained by the fact that in Shakespeare’s time, plays were not considered serious literature. When Ben Jonson published several of Shakespeare’s plays under his own name, many openly laughed at them. Shakespeare loved, but often he was criticized for mixing in his works of tragedy and Comedy that in the past it was considered bad form.

From Russian writers Shakespeare desperately need Tolstoy, who did not consider William the playwright.

8. Shakespeare has no descendants

Only the writer’s son died at the age of 11 years. His daughter Susanna had no children, and the children of the daughter of Shakespeare on the name Judith died at a young age. None of his three brothers never married.


9. Many of Shakespeare’s plays rewritten in some the ending changed to happy

Two hundred years ago, when again came the fashion for theatres in Europe, Shakespeare was pulled out of nowhere and delivered on the big stage. Over them izgolyalsya: come up with other limbs, making them Opera and ballet. Widely known production of «King Lear» with a happy ending.

10. Shakespeare quite a lot of harsh and known haters

And it’s not only Leo Tolstoy. Not all agreed with the greatness of Shakespeare as a writer. Voltaire believed that «hamlet» — the work of a «drunken savage.» George III believed that the ability to write all this amazing stuff — the sign of greatness of Shakespeare, and George Bernard Shaw wanted to throw Shakespeare a stone.

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