What you didn’t know about North Korea

Because of all this hoopla of recent weeks, everybody was talking about North and South Korea and doesn’t think it will happen to them. Today we, obviously, will focus on North Korea, a brutal island of socialism, which kept apart from the big world. We decided to learn more about these dudes: they have going on there at all? And going on many different. So buckle up, dude, away we go!

1. North Korea has an amusement Park

North Korea

However, one all over the country. Amusement Park Mangyongdae was built in 1982, so there were Western-style fun party dudes. And now it’s almost completely deserted place, which is empty until then, until there come tourists. Rides long ago fallen into disrepair, and repairing them only «if necessary». The safety of these magic razvlekalok check Korean farmers, for this reason, who are forced to ride on a crazy roller coaster and other roundabouts. When come to the Park are tourists, the locals say to Park your car near the main entrance at the Mangyongdae to create the illusion that this is an extremely popular place.

2. North Korea has found a unicorn


Well, at least, so she says North Korea. Last year the guys from the Academy of social Sciences at the Institute of history of the DPRK found the lair of the unicorn, which allegedly pranced the ancient Korean king Tongmen. The question arises: is the truth archaeologists dug up the skeleton of a horse with a horn on his forehead? And do not close. They found a stone on which was written: «the Lair of the unicorn». And that, briefly and clearly. Written «den» — so it’s lair. Iron logic.

3. North Korea has an underground tunnel directly to South Korea


Modern methods of war, mostly designed for the air. North Korea probably already knows this, but prefers not to palitsya. Therefore, there exists many underground bunkers where in case of danger can hide the senior guys. Rumor has it that the troops of the DPRK secretly dug tunnels in South Korea, in case something pop in there when no one else is not waiting. Dangerous, dude!

4. North Korea has its own Internet

North Korea Internet

You didn’t think, man, bro with the socialist North Korea have access to the capitalist world of the Internet? Never. But they have their own computer network called Qianmen. All content is strictly controlled by the state: from personal correspondence to news sites. Access to the Site for all residents of North Korea are absolutely free. However, the trouble is that to access the network, you must first obtain access to a computer, which most North Koreans simply do not. And those who have it, to sit still on dialup. Although what do they care no online games and torrent trackers have them anyway.

5. In continuation of the previous paragraph, we note that North Korea has its own website which is the face of the country on the Internet

North Korea

Watch it can anyone, point. Look for a friend, really interesting! How do you like this friendly flash animation? Creates the impression of a prosperous and rich life? He’s there smiling. Unfortunately, due to the fact that with the Internet the North Korean government is not friendly, specialists in creating websites, there is just no. So the guys did not bother to look for a designer (and what would be an enviable position: designer of the official website of North Korea!). They even freelancing is not coming… although online they have no. So, you guys went in a simple way. They took and bought a theme for WordPress.

6. The North Korean basketball is the most violent in the world

North Korea

Its rules were changed to make the game more aggressive and fast. Now a normal throw gives a team three points, three-point or four (if the ball has not touched the shield), but if you don’t hit the basket, throwing the penalty, that team loses a point. Of course, for this reason, the players begin to play much more aggressively and specifically attack weak players, so had to quit the penalty and to take away team points. Oh yeah, and in the last 10 minutes of the score for each hit is doubled.

7. North Korean society is divided into 51 «a social category»

Kim Il sung

If you look at the country side, then you are, no matter how astute or not, will be able to identify three groups of citizens: the party elite, soldiers and simple farmers. However, there is a rather complicated division of the population: in total there are 51 social group. Citizens belonging to these groups vary in accordance with their loyalty to the regime. And, dude, that’s not all. 27 of all these groups considered hostile to the government: they are mostly poor and vulnerable citizens. The feature is in the fact that people can not know to which group they belong to. But know this, in the government, where everyone in the country opened own business, which is conducted from birth to death.

8. North Korea is a Potemkin village


Remember the story about Potemkin was Catherine II took a look of the village? There is a legend that he had built near roads sham villages, where everything was allegedly perfect. This village is in North Korea. It’s called Kigongoni and was built in the 50s years of the twentieth century. It is the only town (I don’t know how he actually inhabited), which can be seen from the demilitarized zone, South Korea, and indeed around the world. Kigongo, obviously, was built for propaganda purposes, as indicated by the following observations. First, in the middle of the last century, electricity was a luxury for rural residents, however, Kigongoni the lights were on. However, only at certain times and in certain parts of the building. Secondly, on the streets of the village there’s no one but women and soldiers. Women engaged solely by the fact that wash Windows. In General, the scouts from South Korea even see that house there — not even a house but a sham wall, simply put the box. Wow, dude!

9. North Korea is one of the largest exporters of fresh fruit


Exactly dude, they even include the top ten exporters all over the world! Apples, pears, peaches and nectarines grow on the collective peasant farms, and when the fruits are ripe, they immediately sell abroad. Money, of course, go to the development of the country and the party.

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