What you didn’t know about human images

Every person might be offended. Regardless of gender, age and some personal preferences. We think we know everything about the human grievances and how not to offend people, but it is not so. Once again our website will help you to understand the intricacies of the human soul.

1. It is impossible to deny man’s resentment


Often we tell people «It’s just a joke, man!», after I blurted out something without thinking. We sincerely do not understand that to cancel the image is not possible if someone have something on your mind or something you blurted out.

Scientists call the way the beautiful word «artisticheskaya trauma», and it is also impossible to abolish, such as diarrhea or tears from the bow. Attempt to make amends is a natural desire not to be the source of someone else’s pain. There is also a desire to shift the blame on someone else. «Is it my fault that someone doesn’t understand my jokes?» Good intentions is the same as the penis, which its owner does not know what to do. If people are so hard it would hurt, life would be much easier.

2. You can’t force someone not to be offended (don’t even try)


When we talk about whether a joke, an insult, we’re not talking about jokes, we’re really talking about the people offended by this joke. In fact people are not offended by the joke herself. People like to think they are very important, so they get annoyed that someone is questioning their significance.

No matter how much we pay attention to the structure of jokes and its psychological aspect, we still can’t say for sure, it’s funny or not funny, benign or hurtful. All we can do is to pay attention to how people react to these jokes, to use it and not be a complete m…

Of course, it’s quite a big job, but you can get an amazing opportunity to have relationships with other people, not based on yelling and crying. People are offended regardless of the situation, for his own reasons. Can you be a provocateur, but it’s not a good idea. For this is the Internet.

3. Quite rude to hurt someone


If your friend is an hour and a half calls you the last words, when you play online Xbox, here the situation itself told you to get up and get a good cut on his foot in the balls. Well, or just quit the game. This is true.

There are quite a lot of material, which can someone to insult. There are things that are obviously offensive, such as the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. But even in this case, many people are questions: are they offensive? We often think that any thing can be offensive, but it is offensive for a person that doesn’t exist in nature. Some girls are offended by video games, because they’re with certainty, I believe that the games are exploiting the topic of female sexuality and desire rape. Moreover, they notice the subject in these cases where not everyone will see this very sexy. For example, in operation the image of the pristine beauty accused good game Bioshock:Infinite, namely Elizabeth. Although I can’t see what’s so offensive. She’s just being nice.


4. The offense does not matter


No one cares about our feelings. They’re not even particularly necessary. But, as we have seen above, it is important to our ego. People can take offense at anything, according to my personal experience. If you in the childhood beat a big bruiser, you could hypothetically take offense at the scene of beating Hulk Loki from «the Avengers». This is a personal experience, I may be exaggerating.

What’s the problem? Hormones? In the Gypsy curse? I’m offended Gypsies.

Don’t force other people to care about your feelings: they’re yours, they are genuinely useless. Do not go with their values and images of other people.

Do you really think that if you’re hurt, you’re right and this is for someone important? This is not a rhetorical question, dude.

5. To care about the feelings of others is a step forward for you


Many scientists come to the conclusion that empathy is an important step in the evolutionary process. People are a collective, how would you not want to return. We have the desire and ability to be a little separated from the team, but, in General, to live to us without him REALLY hard. Therefore, human society has identified empathy as an important part of maintaining community, family and offspring.

If you wish, we can even understand why our little brother shaved bald, did a strange tattoo with hieroglyphs, which are likely copied from a Chinese lighter, and switched to a vegan diet. But the problem is that we don’t even try to understand someone, being confident that to understand the feelings a lot of women.

Sexystacie to be offended by jokes is also a lack of empathy. But always keep in mind that these ridiculous jokes is slighted ego and past negative experience, therefore, it is also necessary to understand and take care of these feelings. Only without fanaticism. All the laws on the protection of the rights of believers — the laws protect someone’s ego, nothing more. Many smart people have said that true believers is difficult to offend. And they were right.

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