What you could buy in the USSR and nowadays for 1 ruble


Do you remember what you could buy in the USSR for 100 cents? Of course, I do not remember, you’re still very young, but probably heard from their parents that only 1 ruble could be good to stock up at a local store. Now you won’t even be able to collect 100 cents coins individually, not to mention the fact that they buy any products. But don’t be sad, we still managed to find something for you!

What you could buy in the USSR, 1 ruble

A box of matches in Soviet times cost 1 penny, that is, 1 ruble — 100 boxes you were provided.

Two packs of dumplings «Russkie» at 50 cents per package.As much as 100 glasses of carbonated water without syrup and 33 cups of soda pop, especially for the rich.

Men’s haircut cost about 20 cents, which would allow you to cut as much as 5 times per 1 ruble.If you love to read, you could buy as much as 100 of the newspaper «Pionerskaja truth.»

Food lovers could buy 10 pies with real Soviet meat for 10 cents per single, and cabbage — as many as 25 pieces.Birch SAP in the Soviet period was worth 10 cents per glass, and that means you could buy about 2 liters of this healthy drink.

For sweet lovers, for 1 Soviet ruble could stock up to five presses to 20 cents per pack.A loaf of bread for 20 cents. Sounds like science fiction, but in the USSR you could buy as many as 5 pieces for 1 ruble.

About 10 kilograms of potatoes you’d take from the market with just the ruble in those days.


What can you buy for 1 ruble now

As opposed to 100 boxes of matches in the Soviet Union, in our time you can only purchase one with a price tag of 80 cents.

There are all sorts of promotionswhere you can grab something for pennies. The easiest way to find them on special websites on the Internet. This, of course, not talking about expensive gadgets and travel abroad, but something is behind the ruble, we were still able to find. In the application , Diskonto for iOS and Android will tell you how to buy a bottle of Pepsi for only 1 ruble. Nothing complicated. After a little manipulation you’ll be able to pick up the item in the shop «Perekrestok Express». Moreover, it is possible to buy 5 bottles of Pepsi at a time.One onion weighing 90 grams will cost you the same ruble, which of course will surprise the seller, but that’s another story.

Now in large cities, have become popular machines with clean water. They have 1 liter of water costs 3 rubles. So if you drank your bottle of sparkling water 0.33 litres, you can fill it again for only 1 ruble.Recently began fashionable people, including young children, in which you only pay for the time of stay and not for the ordered food. So, for 1 ruble, you can spend as much as 30 seconds in this place.

There is no law that forbid you to buy in the supermarket potato one, about 70 grams. It will cost you just 1 ruble. Another thing is that the package is not enough and we have to carry her in his hands.From the previous paragraph it follows that if you have one ruble, then you can buy a simple package to put your potato, weighing 70 grams, it.

If the store is all sold by weight, you would be able to buy 40 grams of spaghetti\25 grams of sugar\2 caramels or 15 grams of rice.

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