What you can sacrifice for a relationship

Work.com.ua_17.09.2014_NZsoQzW1csBZIRelationships can be your cozy haven in the rough ocean of life, but they can also be hell, when you’re ready to tear his ears off not to hear what she says. Regularly check the health of their relationships using the following indicators, which will help you to assess the quality of your life together.

1. Your self-esteem

Ideally, the right relationship, is able to reveal in us the best qualities. And, if you were the last loser and shit, there is a woman who can pull you out of your personal garbage and to demonstrate that you’re not worthless, and basically very personal. A healthy relationship should provide a solid Foundation, the feeling of solid earth under his feet, upon which are you ready to explore the world, to achieve the best, to strive for conquest of the new «Everest».

But if you notice that your self-esteem and self-confidence dropped a few points lower than the beginning of a relationship, it’s time to analyze what the situation is thus, and the to try as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

2. Independence, personal and financial

No crazy crap in about two halves of one whole. Every person should be treated as self-sufficient and independent unit, with their own thoughts, experiences, feelings, emotions, fears and traits.

If each party brings their individual interests to the Union, the relationship will present a variety of topics for joint discussions, Hobbies, goals, interests. This kind of mutual support for self-development of each of you. In the event of difficult situations in life and their joint decision joint efforts are magnified if each of the partners took place as a master in their skills.

Plus, the emotional (sexual) independence in a relationship gives a sense of freedom of each partner, otherwise, either you or she starts to «choke» and go for a breath of fresh air first into the nearest bar, and then in someone else’s bed.

3. Freedom of choice

Perhaps instead of trying to fulfill his dream and become something like VIN Diesel or Statham you refused a shiny bald head, as your girlfriend was against it, and cut your hair under the classic «three». Well, compromise is an integral component of a strong relationship, but you need to distinguish the line between finding a common denominator and try to drive you under the heel, controlling your every move. If you constantly point to how to dress, speak, with whom to be friends and how to pickle eggs, it is quite possible, you’re late to read this text, and it’s time to go on the award «the Best pussy of the year».

4. The right to be yourself

Protect those of your traits that make you who you are, based on their best qualities, not saying that that’s how I shit and will not change: love me for who I am. With this approach you risk to die in splendid isolation. If there is something that can cause a serious risk to the relationship, it is necessary to discuss and seek a solution to the problem.

To grow and develop, and this applies to both sides, as the game never led to anything good. There is another side of the coin — you unconsciously adopt habits and some quality girls. There is nothing wrong in the process of «reflection» which helps to bond and feel more harmonious and balanced. The problems begin when human impact you dissolve» in relationships and, therefore, are at risk of losing their own «I».

But in fact, the one who loves you, accepts you … faults and virtues, and constant attempts to change you in the form of an ultimatum is able to shake your confidence and demoralize in the shortest possible time.

5. Happiness

There are moments when the fear of loneliness or sudden changes much stronger than the desire to find true happiness. We continue to pull and dull relationship that has exhausted itself, fear of the unknown, or feed feelings of regret. You must realize that you only have one life and to waste it on pointless relationships that don’t bring happiness is an unattainable extravagance. Ask yourself the question: are something your depressed state or depression with someone you see every morning and evening? The honest answer to this question is able to push you to take decisive action.

6. Dreams and goals

Never give up on your dreams for a relationship. Relationship with a loved one should be a springboard to achieve your goals, but not a place where you’re chained to the harsh reality, has nothing to do with your plans.

Jealous or too emotional partners often try to stifle creative and passionate mind, to keep him «on a leash» to maintain control. A happy relationship should encourage even the craziest of adventures and adventure, if they make you happy, move forward and not drown in the swamp of routine and unnecessary stuff.

7. Self-esteem

Argue all you want, but if your woman has ceased for any reason to respect you the relationship is over and to continue them is a waste of time because nothing good will come of it anyway. Even if there is sympathy, love and sex. Relationship is dead and must be buried, otherwise they will begin to rot, and on this ground like mushrooms after the rain will be fruitful quarrels, accusations and betrayal. You can not lose your courage and pride in the relationship, otherwise you will respect yourself.

8. The power of making decisions

The ability of decision-making is like a muscle: the less you use it, the more it becomes similar to the beam that goes with the flow, decided to surrender to the mercy of fate.

The more decisions you take on someone else’s shoulders, the worse your ability to think for themselves, it will have to take responsibility for their choices.

9. Other relationships

In addition to her you have a family, your relatives and close friends who remain constant in your happy state. And if all these people can’t coexist with your girlfriend, that’s a serious problem. Let’s not talk about those friends that pull you into strip bars when your girl is, you see, do not like.

10. Sex

Here as and with mutual respect. Sex is a natural part of normal relationships. And the fact that you are turning away from each other teeth to the wall, just, unnatural. If you don’t want or, on the contrary, her constant headaches are not able to cure no consultation of the most famous physicians seem to have time to tie.

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