What women want, from the point of view of science

No one knows what women want. Someone suggests radical measures like a member shoved in a jar of «Nutella», others too delicate, as in the fanfiction, like a passionate kiss from my mouth to yours. How things really are — not known for certain, but I think we have some assumptions that are confirmed by science.

Naked man

Not to be unfounded, we will begin with the publication of medical research on the topic of female desire. Subjects were connected to a plethysmography (which measures vaginal blood flow and lubrication) and showed poor guy a lot of pornoklipovi, including sex between men and women, women and women, men and men; just naked men and naked virgins walking on the beach; lesbians fucking and even monkeys.

The result is quite expected: the strong vaginal wildness caused a naked young man with bulging muscles. In men, all were at least predictable: the peak of excitement was the naked maiden, picking at their charms. Gays, of course, the figures were the opposite, but no one thought about monkeys. This once again confirms the fact that although women respond to a much broader range of stimuli than they were aware of, anyway in the first place they are conducted in a beautiful shell.

But don’t despair: there are women who like hairy men of the person of doubtful nationality with the hanging belly. Besides this the ducks ran on the beach got a penis, so an erection, as are the types of member, plays here not last role.

Beard and overgrown welcome

A study conducted this year at the University of New South Wales, showed that women are more attracted to men with beards, or rather, with a 10-day stubble and a beard.

Utterly simple study: men and women were asked to rate the attractiveness of various facial hair (clean-shaven, five-day stubble, 10 day stubble, bushy beard). At that time, men gave higher marks for pure shaven, the women put a clean shaven face on the last place in the list of attractiveness.

In addition, women perceive full-bearded men as the most caring and decent parents. So if on the personal front, all very sad — grow facial hair.

Names have meaning

It would seem, can be the case in a name? Girls willing to meet with You and Ibragimli and Vasisualiy, so this is not important. Was affected, though not much. After numerous interviews, it became clear that the most attractive turned out to be Andrea and Alexandra. The unloved — Stasy and Maxims. Guys, nothing personal, dry statistics of the survey.

Gasoline, leather, printer ink

The Daz survey company found that of the 2,000 women surveyed most excite the smell of leather, gasoline, paint and printer ink. Don’t know and don’t want to know how you will use this knowledge — maybe even something smear blue paint on top and pour ink, but remember: this is all you have then rinse.

Masturbation more enjoyable

In 1984, scientists have tried to explore the erotic sensitivity of the vagina, which were paid prostitutes and free feminists. The sons of science dedicated manually stimulated the vaginal wall. Simply put, scientists masturbate feminists and whores. Their results showed that more than three quarters of the prostitutes had an orgasm, while among feminists pleasure experienced only one-eighth of. However, the latter then were outraged that the PhD was too too hard, then how scruffy fucking vaginas cruelty was just a joy.

After they tried to determine what angle it is necessary to introduce the penis to experience maximum pleasure. It turned out that wank is more fun. Although, perhaps this is due to the fact that experimental just.

Cucumber and candy

As we wrote earlier, with the smell of women a complete disaster. And they are not on a good perfume, and in every game. The main thing — to choose the right smell. It is in any case not the body spray — consider it an end to your attractiveness. What will help, found Dr. albert Hirsch. He gave the ladies a 10 smells, then plugged them into the vaginal photoplethysmography to find out what measures they’re taking them. It was found that women are more likely to respond to cucumber and good candy. Less pleasing charcoal and cherry. In memory immediately come mastodon perfume — lotion «Cucumber». Apparently, it was.

Brushing your teeth

Research 2003 found that 41-year-old tivanka of ispytyvali orgasm once or twice a week, just brushing your teeth. The process was accompanied by seizures, and neurologists, instead of help, I decided to test the woman. At first they thought that the reason the smell of toothpaste. Then they ransacked her gums with cotton swabs and after tired to dig into other people’s mouths, they simply moved the hand back and forth, as while brushing teeth.

It turned out that it was «a very specific somatosensory stimulus.» The poor woman was not happy with these events. She believed that «was possessed by a demon and felt shame and fear.» In the end, she switched to mouthwash.

What is the result?

It turns out that the perfect man is inflated bearded Andrew stood up, an erection, smeared with ink from the printer, which smells like the cucumber pickle, lust, and who will clean her teeth. Narrows it down to ugliness, but what about the rest? Not to fall into despair. First, it is like most, not all, and secondly, some are trying the other and they are madly in love. So don’t give up — have a chance at all.

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