What women ought to be ashamed of

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2014_xCtHsHW4R2CZAYou don’t know what things are proud of women, when they ought to ashamed. I’m sorry I drank the red pill and once immersed in the world of women’s interests. I opened superlogics things. They consider pride the shame, man. As well, at least among men is not developed.

1. Shushenkoe behavior

Some girls seriously think its excessive sexual emancipation dignity. They think that when they easily change of sexual partners, they challenge society, demonstrate a disregard for social norms and the freedom of his personality. Oh, come on, what is freedom. A prostitute — she and in Africa a prostitute. No it’s nothing good. Except availability and that is only for losers.

2. Gerdausta

When women are fat, they can behave differently. Some whine that they are fat, but nothing doing. Others whine and lose weight. Third lose weight silently. Fourth, do not whine and do not lose weight, they are much worse! They enjoy what they are fat, and «accept myself for who they are, calling these fats of natural beauty. Oh no, it’s beyond my control.

3. Obsession with food

Turned on the food and ladies not always fat, sometimes they have even had a good figure. They always think and talk about food! They ate in a cafe and drank, where they dined, cooked, and still photos be sure to Instagram! All sorts of girly pages full of photographs manifold doughnuts and lattes, though the food is so aesthetic. They have that really such a boring life?

4. To be a single mother

«Because she doesn’t need a man.» Well, Yes. Dad is not needed. And all run around her and shout: «She’s a single mother!» Well, that sucks for her, but a reason for pride in this I see.

5. To be a housewife

What good is that if the woman stays at home and does not want to fulfill your potential? Parenting is important, but not a lifetime to stay home and cook borsch! When a woman works, she becomes more attractive because it does not drive itself into the framework of domestic staff. But then starts the speeches generated by the wounded pride of the housewife: «I gave you the best years, and you ruined my life».

6. To be a cat lady

More than two cats in the house too! Two even you can understand: there was one on the street picked up another — it happens to the compassionate ladies. But when the house turns into a human cat, this is a signal that the head is the mistress of the house is not all right. She enjoys his cats and all about them says, like it’s so interesting to listen to!

7. The desire to repeat everything I saw in porn

Sexual adventure is interesting for everyone but I do share real sex and porn. And the girls think that this behavior characterizes them as a passionate tigress, who love to experiment. If I first have sex with a girl, and she gets this: «Fuck me» lost your edge.

8. Lazy attitude towards hygiene

Raunchy girl is pathetic. Not only that, shave irregularly, and even disheveled hair, nails Oblivskiy varnish stains on clothing. It seems that it’s not worth their attention, they all inspired people who the heavenly world is much more important than carnal. Unfortunately, the mountain world near the slob it is hard to see.

9. To have a relationship on the Internet, because supposedly there are no more options

Are you under 25 years of neither at school nor at University, nor at work or in a club and met a guy who would like to be near you? Nonsense. Rather looks like that you are very selective.

10. To dance on the table and allow to lick off the salt when men drink tequila

This behavior shows women not as cheerful, funny and sociable. Rather, it gives to understand that they are extremely promiscuous and can afford to each as much as he wants. And who likes to be everyone?

11. Very short haircut

Perhaps the most important symbol of femininity — long hair. They are like men. I have nothing against short cuts, when they their owners coming: there are moments. But shaved whiskey and hedgehog is another matter. Girls in this way trying to give a resounding slap to public taste and be a fashion to kill two birds with one stone. Shaved whiskey is anticrist and at the same time antisex. It is allowed only Rihanna and pornos, because it allows social status. My woman will not do this ever.

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