What will you do for the guy, if you’re a true friend

how to be a good friendLife is so complicated, so complex, wilted flowers, dried cakes, as sung in one incendiary track of my youth. Live hard and dangerous, and if not friends, this journey would have been even more difficult and dangerous. However, these dudes do for many of us, and I thank them for that. How about you? You can call yourself a good friend? With confidence if you are doing it for friends then, as we now describe.

Help him to find a job or a better job

You may not have thought of, but when your friend works at a shit job is really dragging him down. You know he’s doomed to a thankless job? Help. Ask around friends and colleagues, if someone needs a specialist.

To tell him that his shorts for training is too short

«No, man, that looks crappy». There is a huge difference between «just for training» and neon-pink track, which perfectly support my ass.» It is necessary to insist on the normal shorts.

To convince him not to change the girlfriend

Infidelity is a plague that will haunt him for the rest of your life. If he’s cheating on his woman, at least you communicated to him that this is a problem. What is the reason of such behavior? A crappy relationship? Convince him to finish them.

Carefully but honestly to insinuate that he has to go to the gym

Funny fat man is a myth. These are only in movies and sitcoms. Nobody wants to be friends with the type who take care of yourself. The best strategy is to invite him to go to the gym together or give him a certificate to a nearby rocking chair. You saw him in fine form – help get her back.

To take him to the airport

Even if he flies for three weeks in Thailand to relax, still the flights suck. This is helping with the move: you help without expecting anything in return, but knowing that one day you will ask him the same question.

To carry out the whole operation in order to catch his girlfriend cheating

If you know for sure that she had a finger in the pie, you have to do it. You don’t want the bitch drove the nose of his buddy? However, if you are not sure and made a mistake, screwed up royally.

To help him with the move

Most destructive and dramatic, the move can be compared only with the birth of a child. That fucking shit, it takes a lot of time, but the result does not always satisfy you. He helped you before, so be ready to provide him with the appropriate service. If he’s grateful asshole, and you will be pizza and beer.

Give him a fake recommendation for work

So did many of my dudes. As his former boss pointed out to his buddy, and when Tom got a call on the recommendation, it was chocolate. It’s not fair? One hundred percent, but saves when my last job went with the scandal.

To be the wingman

Women come and go, but friends remain. Even if you yourself liked this friend, not zarsya. Let him receive it – you’ll have others. Especially if he recently broke up with a girl.

Pick it up with the party when he was drunk

We’ve all done that: we got drunk vhlam and created something that then was incredibly embarrassed. Don’t wait for the moment that he might regret. Grab him and run far away before it’s too late.

To laugh at his unfunny joke to save face

In situations when you’re alone against the world, around strangers of questionable people and you can’t screw up. Laugh and hope that he will not repeat.

To tell him that he was okay, when it’s too late to change something

How he managed to spill ketchup shirt, when the radius of ten kilometers there is no hint of ketchup? Doesn’t matter, ‘ cause it’s adventure time. Pat him on the shoulder and send in a good way. In the end, the mood is most important.

Do not give him make a fool of myself

Even the best intentions can lead us to shame. When you see that dude’s going to do something, and then look like a fool, be a man and intervened. You can’t make him a laughingstock.

To hold back, if you have it with you sob

Not the most manly thing to do, but it is common to all people. All we cry. If it happened to him, so he’s really hurt or he got drunk a lot. Be patient.

To get him to leave the house, if he decided to become Hickey

It happens with some. Especially dudes who work at home and not need to constantly to go out. Get caught in the act of talking with other human beings. He’s angry with you but that’s okay.

To go somewhere together and not razosratsya

It’s harder than it seems. To spend in the car for 12 hours with someone alone and not have other choice – it’s hard. If you do it right, will be the best friends in the world.

To sit with his kid

Children in a sense like dogs: they need constant attention and care, the difference is that children are able to be killed if they do not give. If you have children that is excellent training.

Trust him with your child

I have no children, but I know what the hell they’ll leave with a stranger. «I saw him drunk» — I think you and regret their decision. Relax. He will do fine.

To support, if he lost a loved one

It’s not only lying, as the house still and die. Including parents, friends, and favorite people. Be there when you die one of his loved ones, and help all I can.

To lend him money

If you’re set for cash, well, good for you. However, if you are no different from other mortals, you know that the absence of the bubble sucks. You have to take a haircut and to save every penny, but also to ask for a loan. Don’t deny.

To grant him temporary asylum

Maybe he just left his wife and he has nowhere to live, and maybe he came from out of town on business for a couple of days. Whatever it is, offer him to stay with you. Three days is a typical minimum, and then let cook, drait shocks and gives you a beer.

To lend him my new car

Scared to get behind the wheel, especially to let someone else. And you! Friends trust each other. He will not fail.

To go with him for company on a boring party

You go to the middle of nowhere on a vegan party without alcohol? To hell with him. If you haven’t seen him for a thousand years, will have to go and hang out. Life throws you in different directions, it is necessary to make efforts to stay together.

To lie to his girlfriend to provide him with an alibi

I am against cheating, but not against white lies. Maybe you had a ball and have done business. Maybe it was a bachelor party and you’re hanging out in a strip club. Never tell her the truth. Say that you spent the night at you. What would she not screamed.

To give him when he finally dumped her

It’s not from grief, from joy: you always wanted he dumped her. No one denies.

Hold back the laughter, when you learn that he writes poetry

Different people Express themselves. He just chose the most idiotic way. But he has not ceased to be your best friend, so don’t make fun of him. Suddenly you collect porcelain cats.

To pull him from the fight

Cruelty is a good decision. You can’t let some shit to hurt him.

To feed her, if she left him

Thoughts to keep to himself, he pronounced and drinks. Wants to curse – may curses. Wants to praise and entertainment and health. – Drunk sleep it off – you will become a man.

Let him pay for the beer, even if he can’t afford it

Pride is a powerful thing. Even if it is grounded, it does not mean that it will gladly accept the so-called «handouts». Let them pay for the first Cup, and then treat it yourself. You can’t know when he will be in his place.

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