What will the sex robots of the future

We suspect you see where this is going, man. The future of sex is vague, but acquires contours, we begin to understand how the technology captures the most sacred thing a man can have. If there is a new technological revolution, it will affect all spheres of life. Of course, the usual sex change in the first place. Today fantasy Japanese manga artists have been successfully implemented in laboratories, secretly or openly, who knows? But we all know that sex is very profitable. And if some Corporation will be able to create something artificial that will give a dude or girlfriend the same range of sensations, and from actual intercourse, or even better, that the Corporation will top the list of Forbes and unite the world, sweep it in light or dark future.Design and construction of robots is becoming much cheaper than before thanks to global processes and thanks to systems such as crowdfunding. To date, works are present in many complex, «jewelry» fields like surgery, factory production. We are curious how far stepped progress step in the direction of robotics, designed to meet one of the natural needs of man.

In General, we will construct our narrative on the type of «question – answer», it would be better.

1. Are there any sex work today?

So, of course. Many of them are not brought to mind, most are at the prototype stage or testing. Simply put, commercially they are not. But there are exceptions, like «Twerking butt» from the famous porn site «PornoHub». This gadget is worth about $ 1,000. In addition, the shaking Asses, the set includes a high-quality virtual reality glasses, all sorts of adapters, cables and gels. So, perhaps, it looks not very impressive, but someone had to take the first step in this direction. As was said by astronaut Neil Armstrong: «one small step for man but one giant leap for mankind.»

2. How to look like a sex robot in the end?

On this broad topic for discussion. But based on human nature, we can already draw conclusions. In the end, the sex robot will be a complete prototype, in the physical sense, the man who will play the role of a sex slave. It is likely that not all will be able to afford such luxury, and there will be firms that legally provide services to sex robots is a form of prostitution. If we are faced with what appears some kind of moral dilemma? In the very distant future – probably.

You can also assume that the appearance of sex robots will be extremely varied, for every kind of depravity you can imagine with five nipples, dwarfs, giants, with tentacles, or with animal heads. But to dominate will, as always, recognized at the time the standard of beauty. Do not be surprised if people will use the appearance of their friends or acquaintances to select the external shell of the robot. Get the spread of paid services, where a certain amount of cache it will be possible to change the shell of his mechanical friends at someone’s photos.

3. What is the biggest problem in the design?

Money! What did you think? But it is only at the moment, because components (like silicone, motors, sensors) over time is cheaper. The prototypes obtained are always expensive, but mass production usually costs pennies. This is the truth, any industry and any market. But do not hope that tomorrow supermarkets will be filled with sexy cyborgs in Latin American manner, with a discount of 70% percent. The first representatives will be very expensive and few people available. Only one ass PornoHub worth a thousand bucks!

4. There will come a time when we will cease to distinguish between a human and a robot?

I doubt it, man. Fiction is a lot written and up, but rarely when their talented writings come true. Most likely, sex with a robot, it will initially be a mixture of live and artificial movements of the body, which will focus on the same video, i.e. a full sync. Now such things are being actively developed in the game industry. Surely these technologies will eventually move to the porn rack. And don’t forget: all this world is decided by money. And here we can ask ourselves an interesting question: «Will be profitable create a full copy of a person»? We believe that there is.

5. Is there something more substantial market than a shaking ass?

Of course, because we do not drive the game, and are talking about a very promising area that has huge market potential. Will be engaged in sex always, well, the next lot of years. In General, there is such a company, ABYSS Creation, so they are developing more serious sex toys called «Real Doll». It is worth the pleasure about eight thousand dollars, and seems quite plausible. In General, look at yourself.

Still, it’s just Hyper realistic dolls, not representatives of robotics, that is the way to go. The sex robot to be emotional, needs to desire sex and take the initiative. Such a doll can not give, but they have something.

6. But what about morality?

This question will surely raise those who have no access to similar products of the porn industry. As they say, if you have everything, be conservative if you have nothing but crappy work, join the protesters. But let’s cut to the chase. In our opinion, such immoral things as immoral, condoms, whips, or vibrators. It’s just tools, toys. You don’t have to carry everything on modern society, which is full of cockroaches in the head. Think about the future, how it will change the relationship between human beings. Here you have time to think.

7. Whether they get mass distribution?

You bet it is. But not immediately. First and foremost, they will be distributed to perverts who want to fulfill their sick fantasies. They can be called highly motivated people in the matter of sex. Also work will be available to rich people. Over time, they will be strengthened in the market and will fill the same niche, that of a prostitute. And those known to be available to the General population. Eventually, sex robots will be in almost every home, even the most religious person.

8. Replace work a normal relationship?

To some extent, Yes! In our time there are people who score pornography or games your chances of real life. But such absolute minority. We believe that such work will be in line with the collecting vehicle. Men will discuss various models of robots sitting in bars. And the wife will not change, even now I often hear the phrase: «You love your car more than me!» Jealousy, she was, always and everywhere, even to the most ordinary things.

9. When will be available in full?

To think ahead is a thankless task. You need to consider the many factors that affect external events, and internal, and random events. But if we assume that the rate of development of robotics will remain at the same level, and nobody will put a spoke in the wheel, engineers or leaders of the porn industry, in ten or fifteen years the market will be the party of sex slaves, which was not to the human mind any way. By this time we already get used to the idea of such entertainment, will disappear with a moral dilemma and atmosphere of terror.

Well, what next? I guess the robot uprising.

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