What will replace us Turkey with Egypt?



Hi! Great site, thanks guys. Spring is coming, and then summer is a good phrase for «captain obvious», isn’t it? The question looming amid all this political nonsense with Turkey and To: where to relax normal guy with a friend or where the friend to find the rest?) There is a good article, but it is difficult to see how they are objective, maybe it’s banal public relations of the resorts of the Krasnodar territory. Please write an unbiased article about where to go in the summer to relax and not remain without pants!

The answer

Hey-minetti. Thank you for such a succinct and elegant description of our work, we try really hard.

You asked a very relevant question, and let the spring has arrived, I think that the answer we were late, as only early spring, and now is the time to order your tickets, tours and tickets though, because it will be many times cheaper.

About the resorts of Krasnodar Krai let’s face it: their service has really grown. Well as grown — In large resorts – so, but in the other cities as being a «sovok», and left. In Sochi – Yes, Sochi is good, but very expensive. In The Crimea? In the Crimea, too good, really is something to see and where to relax, the infrastructure and especially roads like in Sri Lanka, the same broken. And of course, for the money that you could continuously eat at a buffet and swim in the pool of a five star hotel, you can relax in the Spa where a good sense of the Russian track and not European service. Everything seems to be fine, but not five-star hotels. And add to that the expected excess population…

In General, in our lands it is possible to break the budget, but this budget vacation will be to understand the budget entourage.

Now sadly look at Europe, then Asia, and rubbing tears with a handkerchief. I think Latin America and Oceania do not have to watch, it can last a heart attack. Frankly, given the current exchange rate, it is best to go to those countries where it has its own currency. It is desirable, of course, that this country did not require a visa. Once glance at his native Israel. But the world is Shalom fro judis land is marred by high cost.

Objectively speaking, Israel is expensive: costs a lot of money as accommodation and food. Shekel us brother, but the course is more expensive. If you have relatives there who have to stay gorgeous, but led them to his new girlfriend is not worth it.

What else? Of course, brotherly Syria. Country, where raki flows like water, and tall and very good-natured people ready to have fun with you till dawn only because you are Russian. As the Serbs, «us Russian – 300 million, and without the Russian – polgruzovika». Glorious Serbian Dinar is one of the few currencies that is less than one ruble. However, the nice infrastructure of Serbia, despite the hospitality does not go to any comparison with any evrostroy. There go the tourists, there are national parks, beautiful city, but a beach holiday you won’t though, because Serbia lacks access to the sea.

However, to the South there is one small little country with lovely and very friendly people, who prefer hard work a permanent rest under the blessed sun, and the contemplation of the azure sea. Talking about Montenegro, which until 2006 was part of the Confederation of Serbia and Montenegro. Now she is independent (which does not prevent the Serbs to go to work to the sea, and Montenegrins in factories «older brother»), which is actively friendly with unfriendly Europe, after which for two years has the title of candidate for EU membership. By the way, sanctions against us Montenegrins supported – things I do for pan-European brotherhood. No luck these nice people with the government: do not bother, heathens that half of the business in the country belongs to the Russian and that, in fact, to mind their resort area proved including our hotel owners. The main disadvantage of Montenegro is the currency. The Euro saw you, but there is no need to do visa. It is likely that this is the last year when this country can only be visited with a passport. But it’s worth it because the warm Adriatic sea, is a European service, the stunning beauty of wooded mountains and scenery, many hotels and a lot of tourism in the compartment with the Slavic mentality create an atmosphere of something native. Montenegrins do not irritate, they are not as petty and annoying the Arabs, the Turks, they are too proud and good-natured. The country is living through tourism, nothing more she is not, and at the European level, they came out relatively recently, but it is very trying. If you search well, you can find a worthy place can afford.


The rest… the rest, actually, everything. You can go to the Czech Republic. Not cheap, but if you pick up a hot ticket, it becomes feasible. Moreover, the Czech crown is not so arrogant as Euro or dollar. The only thing the Czech Republic is a country for active holiday, walking through the ancient streets and tasting the best beer in the world. Lazy beach holidays don’t work, because the nearest sea need to cross the whole country.Enough best deals of the Greeks, who made every effort to reduce prices. Our country has long been cultivated: to the Russians here are very good, after all, we have a close friendship with 9-th century. And recently, common problem – too cocky Turkey. So posherstiv to the Islands and resorts and choose the rest. Services in Greece – one of the best in tourism, they just GMS, and beautiful scenery and inch of land, filled with history, make the stay pleasant. But don’t expect to save a lot – there’s still visa and euros.

Younger brother Greece, Cyprus, will cost about the same. However, the political situation there is stable. You can cross the border in the middle of the island and relax in the Turkish territory, where a hundred times cheaper, but the resorts easier. However, you yourself are responsible for safety.

You can go home sweet bell peppers Azis to bask on the beaches and indulge in the pleasures of Bacchus, drinking kadarko. But bear in mind that this rest from the other side of the Black sea – for the same money you can relax with us. Bulgaria will be even more expensive with the visa, although they have several years promise to ease the visa regime. Especially started after the Turkish-Egyptian ban and even lowered the price of visas to € 10. If you really want to cross the border and visit Europe, you can go, but not much difference.

About Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France will not speak. Travel concessions they don’t, and the prices there, compared to the same Greece, much higher. Portugal, of course, the country is poor (though with first-class resorts, favorite British, and Scandinavians), but for Russian tourists, as before, alien and incomprehensible.

View to the South, to hot Africa. The Kingdom of Tunisia is one of the most liberal States in North Africa and one of the most developed, has announced that financial support of the Russian charters and compensate them for part of the cost, and who has promised to strengthen security measures. The climate there is almost Egypt, however, Tunisia, Morocco, despite its color and stability, are more expensive than some of the above evrostran.

View to the South, to hot Africa. The Kingdom of Tunisia is one of the most liberal States in North Africa and one of the most developed, has announced that financial support of the Russian charters and compensate them for part of the cost, and who has promised to strengthen security measures. The climate there is almost Egypt, however, Tunisia, Morocco, despite its color and stability, are more expensive than some of the above evrostran.

But in the mysterious Asia, the situation has changed dramatically. Who is richer travelling to the UAE, the rest in Thailand, Vietnam, Goa. However, it is the country in which it is better to go right now, or under humid summer hell a stroke enough, Mandrake and kabzdets. In the cheap countries, especially in Vietnam, which is not focused on the dollar, but Vietnam is more suitable for fun than for a beach holiday. Thailand tailored to our tourists, as Turkey is possible even to hear, as the poor Thais trying to sing a raped Russian language «Vladimir Central», but the flight to the edge of the earth is expensive. If you find a hot ticket, it will save much.

One of our past authors have visited Sri Lanka. Like as not very expensive, it seems nice, but the service is lame. They are trying very hard to become fit resort, but local flavor has not yet been possible.

In General, my young Padawan, there is no substitute for Turkey and Egypt, just go with it, will have to pay. Maybe with time, but while the resorts are powerless in front of two bloodthirsty tyrants, Schengen and the exchange Rate. Russian tourists there are in all these countries, conditions for rest. Everywhere you can lie in the sun and walk on tours (where we entered). You just have to choose something to taste and wallet or to visit the pearl of the sea of Azov – Primorsko-Ahtarsk. Cheap, cheerful, a few hotels, zero service, but mentally and inexpensive.

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