What will I do without a smartphone

Porada.kom.ua_18.03.2014_5IwosTyi0666cIn our days, when technology is not more important than food, the smartphone has become as a full citizen of our pockets as a purse. If you forget your smartphone at home, starts to panic. How to navigate without it all day?

It used to be once performed. Five years ago (okay, ten) each in the pocket does not lay the device allowing without interruption to read news feeds, check email and do other high-tech things. We have forgotten that much can be done without the aid of phones-know-it-alls.

Use an ordinary alarm clock

Studies show that your phone under the pillow can disrupt sleep — and indeed, why grab the phone, only to open my eyes?

Run without special applications

He’ll understand when you’ve had enough and the speed with which you’re comfortable to move.

To spend time with the pet and not to put the video on YouTube and photos on Instagram (and not to consider the foreign animals)

All these cat videos are so funny and cute, but your real cat is so much cooler. Recent studies have shown that 20% of all people who have animals, you can exchange communications with them on the smartphone. But Pets reduce stress — scientifically proven fact. Kotofey better phones.

Get off the series and see a play or go to a movie


Write pen on paper

Again, scientific fact: if you write what you’re thankful for in this world and what makes you happy, you will feel better. The fact that the very physical act of writing helps you to better absorb information. Instead of typing on a mini keyboard, write a letter.

Go Hiking with a paper map


Prepare food this cookery book


Lunch with friends

Need to enjoy eating, not photographing it. Next time will go for lunch with friends, play the game: the first person to pick up the phone, takes the same time and expense.

Read a real newspaper


Play one of the games that we had fun in the lessons

Teach very interesting TIC-TAC-toe and their variations, figures, battleships, Sudoku and even crossword poragative. Forgotten pleasure — the pleasure twice!

Read a normal book, not the reader

Reading is good for you. Reading reduces stress, improves sleep and teaches empathy.

Flip through this magazine


Take a ride in a car without a GPS

Look through an old photo album

Not what you Vkontakte. Scientists have found that nostalgia is useful in small doses. To reflect on the past is a good idea: so you will be able to look at life more positive and increase their self-esteem.

Record videos and take pictures on a real camera and camcorder

Play a musical instrument

Shut all these Garage Band and their counterparts, get a real guitar and learn to play it. A great way to get rid of stress and to train the memory. Never too late to learn.

Invite a classmate

Not to write to him in social networks, and to call somewhere and really talk to him. This will be much more useful than empty messages in the spirit of «How are you?»

Look at the scenery and not try to photograph him


Go to the guests

Skype is too easy. If you constantly talk on Skype, as if eliminates the need for real meetings but it is only an appearance. You know it, when they finally see the man who had called on video.

Refresh your numeracy skills

When was the last time you considered not using the option «Calculator»? But the brain is still capable of it.

Close your Google Translator and learn a few phrases in a foreign language

Fold the puzzle and not electronic

Sometimes it even is torture, not fun!

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