What were the good guys of the Renaissance?

Leonardo da Vinci

Of course, the fun and the arcade is a good thing, we’re not going to convince you of that. But these dudes can not only drink, but also to develop. All of us want to better develop their potential, and to put on a gomodrila, which was just off the palms to crack yourself a coconut. And these days — have you noticed? — it’s like we’re trying to cut opportunities to cheat. Made, for example, to obtain a higher education. And you finish the University, having only one specialty. Or as we do sports? Choose something specific — one — and work in it to the loss of power. But if you look at history (well to look back a couple of years at 600), we see that earlier it was considered prestigious to have a broad vision, to be fully developed. Yes that there, even among the Russian nobility was still observed such trends. But all this goes into oblivion. Which is a pity.

This happens if someone is good in academic disciplines, it is, as a rule, not an athlete. And athletes, all, on the contrary, think the near. If someone is engaged in art, he was not interested in public life, and sits himself in an ivory tower. And, again, contrary to the ardent public man no time to engage in «such nonsense» (i.e. art). But why? Why not combine it all or at least a few items from the list? You have as much time as Leonardo da Vinci, and he was a Jack of all trades.

Speaking of Leonardo da Vinci. He was Italian, and the idea of the Renaissance man appeared in the country. It was founded on the belief that human potential knows no bounds. The people of that time believed that man can and even should develop in different areas, it was considered a goal of any man. Nowadays, you can adopt some of their thoughts to not sakonnet sitting in a swamp of monotonous routine life.


In the Renaissance, the acquisition of new knowledge was the most important part of personal development. Look at the people of the Renaissance: they literally raved about the Sciences, interested in various industries. And it was considered normal to be versed in different subjects: natural Sciences, mathematics, history, and politics. Well, what are we to do? Not to take the chemistry textbook for the eighth grade?

For a start, read the press. And be careful yourself not to inadvertently restrict. Don’t rely on only the blogs and news sources that agree with your point of view. Watch out for other media. See analytical program. Buy yourself an Atlas of the world (and the political map), hang it on your wall and look at it from time to time. You will be amazed how much you didn’t know about our planet! Make yourself a list of classic literature you haven’t read, and start reading. Nothing broadens the mind like literature!

Find the gaps in their own knowledge. For example, you have no idea about what constitutes any political party, religion, philosophical movements — there are certainly many similar things. Download yourself audio books or lectures, it saves time (you see, we immediately thought, what excuses will you start looking).

Physical development


Not all of us are certainly athletes, but that is no reason to neglect their physical development and to run your body even more. As they say, healthy body, healthy mind: your physical condition is no less important than the acquisition of new knowledge. Mind and body complement each other and together create your identity.

Now many do neglect physical activity and also eat anything. No need, mate. You are simply eating less chips and burgers and to allocate half an hour a day on a sport that you like: running, Cycling or gym workouts.

Put yourself some goal that I want to achieve with your workouts and raise the bar as soon as you reach it. Engaged in the company: it’s interesting and gives you extra motivation. When you see how your figure was tightened, it will be so nice that you don’t want to stop exercising.

Public Affairs


Perhaps social life is the best way to keep the mind in our hectic days. Moreover, the skills of solving social problems, makes you more grounded in friendship and in relationships. In addition, the straight man’s duty to improve society.

Your participation in public life begins with introspection. What can you offer to others? Think about it, and then work to continually increase this contribution. For a start, learn to communicate. Learn to listen to people: everyone loves when they are interested in. Learn to communicate genuinely interested in other people’s lives and assess what you can do to help, if necessary. Learn to understand other people’s reactions to your words. Develop charisma.

Do to society something useful — and this will benefit, above all, to yourself. Whatever it was: the tenants ‘ Council, social work or volunteering — treat this activity seriously. It helps to improve society at local and global levels. And then, in dedovske to swear on the society can do everything, but to correct the situation — only some.



Many people think that art is such a Bohemian effeminate guys who are not particularly interested in what is happening in the world. Their work is more like fun, but they consider themselves better than others. But, again, we look back on the Renaissance. In those days art was considered a pastime for snobs. For example, Galileo in addition to study astronomy and even painted paintings and played the lute.

Modern guys should develop a sense of beauty, otherwise where would you even roll this world? There are so many interesting things related to creativity. To mind, of course, first comes the drawing is cool, but just how much more you can do! Playing musical instruments, carpentry-to build, if not to write poetry. By the way, well-known figures subsist on the leisure poetry. Try to take up the pen: maybe the result will surprise you. And if we take into consideration that modern technology provides us with a lot of new creative spaces, and do not complain: there’s electronic music, and graphics of jokes, and photography, and even animation — you can choose whatever you want!

And what is the result?

Now you’re getting to the end of our speakers, you could raise the question: what if I’m superficial to do all in a row and nothing will succeed? After all, you need to be really an outstanding person to successfully combine classes in different areas. Well, let’s not argue, not everyone can be equally prominent scholars and athletes at the same time. But the fact is that we do not suggest you to get both Nobel prize, Olympic gold. The trick is just to try to fully develop themselves. Not all your endeavours to settle down, but so you will be able to find what you like.

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