What we want to see in the iPhone 7


Soon September, again in Poland/school/work/in the queue for the new iPhone. So, what is so surprising, some are just waiting for the first month of autumn, eager to spend hard earned «thousands of dollars» on an incredibly pathetic (not always justified) smartphone. It’s so nice to buy an expensive smartphone first, and a little old its swank first two weeks, while others will not begin to buy them. Some for this given machine, and some remnants of honor.

Every year the prices are higher and expectations are not met. Some even begin to think about the transition to the side’s worst enemy — «Android», and rampant insanity at the time of the release of a new model, as before observed. Even otters began to return to their owners. So, dear Apple, on behalf of all users and those who use the «Android» but sympathizes with the people in your IPhones, we put forward our demands and expectations. It is clear that you have nothing fundamentally will not change, but at least on several counts run the asylum.

Not to take away from us the headphone Jack

Already from the month of may we are frightened by the terrible news that the new model will not be beloved 3.5 mm headphone Jack. But we are not willing to accept the possibility of losing so near and dear to us holes.

Dear Apple, please reconsider this decision. We understand that you are unlikely to change something that you have already approved ultra-thin model with a complex design in which simply no space for the connector, but to be honest, this sacrifice practicality in favor of aesthetics we need, as the hare beef tenderloin. Commercial moderate your ardor, we know you just want to put consumers in the position of elegant, and thus force them to buy expensive wireless headphones, which also constantly need to charge, or carry a bulky adapter to make wired headphones compatible with your new «seven». We understand that you are the smartest, just about to put the consumer before a choice: «either the headphones or the adapter, but still have to buy», but you know, it’s never too late to jump on the «Android».

And for God’s sake, don’t hang us on the ears of your sticky stories that the typical audio interface is outdated and it’s time to switch to digital protocols. We have tried to convince to travel abroad is pointless, because the Crimea. You yourself saw what happened.

Give tenacious battery!


This is not a plea, not a request but a demand: make finally your Li-ion batteries are a little more excitable than. I would like to pay tens of thousands for a machine that does not require constant recharging throughout the day. We understand that the big battery creates some design problems, so if the 7 model is waiting for a battery failure, as with the 6S, then consider at least the possibility to make the battery removable, so that we ordinary citizens could carry a removable battery, and change it if anything (it is desirable, of course, that it was part of the kit).

What? The idea of removable batteries throws you into shock? Then do something with the battery! We now not a little angry, like Jay Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker. We don’t need a phone that bends in your pocket, we need a device that feels great in the hand and easy to use, not the disc that wind can blow off.

Stop insulting us with ridiculous disabilities memory storage

Since you love to cry from all the horns about 4K (or even better) camera with each new iPhone, then do a normal amount of memory so we can store enough photos and videos.

Damn you people, we all are people. Tired to delete all honestly only downloaded and installed in order to update the iOS. Are you kidding me? Rumor has it that Apple has finally completely abandoned the 16 GB and now iPhone initial configuration will be as much as 32 GB, not much better. And please, don’t do so that discharge information can only be made after a unique device only for this model, which is slightly cheaper than the smartphone itself.

Make it durable and waterproof

Look, we don’t need a smartphone with a body made of tank armor, but it would be nice to have a screen that will not break when falling out of bed.

And after insiders began to talk about his weightless lightweight body, the excitement only intensified. In addition, it may be «Apple» office, it’s time to think about waterproof devices, and some love to accidentally shove them in the toilet. Some time ago, Samsung already solved this problem. So keep up with the Koreans.

Decide the issue of cable wear


Apple needs to do something with the chargers, because it’s just unbearable. The cords do not stand up to regular use and crumble like the dreams of a better life after simultaneous divorce, dismissal and maximum time in prison of strict regime. Two of the severed cord for a year and I claim, comrades. Insiders spoil the news that Apple has already begun work on a wireless charging, but here, as usual, it’s all about time.

Make the camera even better

There was a time when the iPhone’s camera has long been the best in the business. Now optics geniuses from Cupertino lagging. It would be nice to have some new features, so in the Wake of rumors about the upcoming dual camera (LG and Huawei already offer), it would be nice to see in a «six at best» such a thing. Then we could remove first-class pictures in various difficult conditions, and you could just be happy for us. People pay a lot of money and that their smartphone was a camera that literally could rule the world.

Enter guest mode

There are many things that can make us feel nervous and worry, but nothing makes you sweat palms, as the person looking at your browser history. After that you can and stop suicide. On the second place according to the degree of excitement — the transfer of your smartphone one. Slippery situation, like can not be denied, will suspect and begin to dig into the photos and messages WhatsUp.

But on the other hand, there is no guarantee that he not climb and do not see what he see is not necessary. In fact so many have been asked to enter «guest mode», which can be quickly and cunningly to turn before you pass the device and to protect themselves from snide smiles, the abuse, the publicity your secrets and vices, and as a result is broken lives. So look — really handy thing, it may be wise to enter it?

Stop bring functionality to sacrifice design


As already mentioned, the style loses us favorite holes (3.5 mm Jack), and normal battery. Yes, of course, we fell in love with Apple products precisely because of its sexy design. But I would like to technological base was not far behind, and the smartphone keeps pace with the basic needs of users. Very pleased that you have decided to radically change the bright face of the smartphone, to make it slimmer, sleeker, sexier.

The style is what counts, but intelligent people (among whom your users actually not enough) want to get functional, quality phone. Better to let the elitism of this piece of plastic with a smart as the old man Truck filling, determine its capabilities, not the appearance. Since the days of the jobs you got a whole bunch of unresolved complex engineering task, and sometimes it seems that you have to put something really dirty, sweaty and not very big, so don’t flatter yourself.

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