What we want from a modern movie

We came out of the cinema (you don’t know what we were watching), threw it in the trash tickets and sat in the posture of Keanu Reeves to calm down and understand. When we lost everything?

When we used to go to the cinema, the campaign was not Russian roulette regularly happened good movies of different genres, but not now. Today we try to avoid movies with a big budget, because burned a dozen times this year. Damn filmmakers! Come on, you can call us grumbling old men, but you probably yourself have noticed that the movie goes somewhere not there. Of course there are good movies, but they are rarely shown in cinemas. We killed three days to understand why this is happening. And came to the following conclusions.

Less remakes, please!

Work.com.ua_30.11.2016_UQgPotGH9HEHF«Berries-vspominai» swallowed the planet. Mankind was given a tasty bone in the form of feelings which somehow awakens dormant feelings of those cult movies that provoke attacks of joy. «Ghostbusters», «Star wars,» «the Dark knight», «spider-Man», «teenage mutant ninja Turtles» and more.

All this was fine and will be revised hundreds of times, but it was, it passed — it’s time to do something new. You can’t do necromancy in the movie. Look what happened with «Ghostbusters» is indicative of the situation that is the result of many other films which are currently in operation.

Our own fault, admittedly. Don’t we cry when we know that it would take a new Indiana Jones? No, we won’t last out is disgusting. Other films this technique is still to be held, but perhaps companies need to exercise willpower to resist in order to rivet the shit just because the fans expect? Why disappoint people? Why not invent something new?

More variety — less cliche

But if we discard an infinite number of remakes, then we come to another problem, which allowed its tentacles to all genre of movie: crime, horror, romantic Comedy. In such films a lot of clichés and situations, which for some reason Directors use over and over again. They do not work, just copy the techniques that were used to them a million times.

It turns out the similarity of the feature film — are second-rate shit that can contain a brilliant actor, but certainly not brilliant and the plot moves. And if Comedy clichés can’t stop watching them to «send the brains on vacation», with the cinema of horror, things are different. For the first ten minutes you already know who dies first, who will be the murderer, and why the Ghost girl revenge all.

Sometimes exceptions do happen — they usually fall for movies that are adaptation of novels. Fortunately, the writers save of a genre film, because they have no opportunity to come up with trivial stories — too much competition for a very small piece of the pie, you have to be very special and unique.

The writers are not so — they have a plan, which contains specific technologies of writing «correct» scenario. You have such the «right» scenarios that look disgusting. Take, for example, the series «Masters of Horror», where each film is based on the story of a certain writer — the movies, perhaps not so spectacular, but unique in the story, they are interesting to watch. On streaming horror movies this is not to say, alas.

In the movie don’t need political correctness

This is a big problem. And it applies not only to American cinema, but also on the European and Russian. But Hollywood has succeeded in this, though for him no such notice. But the thing is: you can shoot anything, but approval from the media, critics and representatives of film Academy use only those movies that match the «order» and total toothless ideology called political correctness.

If the film insulted Muslims, Director anathema. If he offended the Hispanic or black, the creators branded as racists. Directors difficult to raise important issues that are raging in the society, because all these issues are at the forefront, where it’s very easy to fall into the abyss where no producer you will not submit a hand.

Hollywood is not a place for diversity of opinions, and it’s scary. Art should reflect the differences, while not becoming a mouthpiece for the ideology, whatever it was. You say that we did head to move, if blames Hollywood, but, man, they create movie. Scolded and the Fatherland, but a strange way to talk about the pressure of ideology on filmmaking in a country where good movies can be counted on the fingers. In the Russian film industry problems, and so million.

Let it be cheap, but good quality

manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_whFlcjLOsQqo1We love to copy the West, but not understand how to do it wisely. It turns out this disgusting gluing of the frames and audio that does not have the right to be called a film. And if you look at the budget of the Russian films that show in theaters, then you will be surprised: expensive, his mother! Given that the domestic film industry often sucks the blood from the budget (your money, in fact), then it seems to us that the Ministry of culture was high, only wants to cut the harvest and not to sow the seeds.

But if we look at the history of American cinema, we see that for a good movie don’t need a big budget — especially now, when the process of shooting has become cheaper (kilometers films are not necessary, although fans of the cut believe the opposite). If the Director cannot make a good film for ten thousand dollars, he and over a million dollars to make a film can not, even with the best equipment.

Therefore, in our opinion, may Russian cinema will look cheaper, but it will be talented people. Seriously, if the filling good is not, what have the way the wrapper was not, will all the same shit that we see almost every time we go on a Patriotic movie that you created in our money — taxpayers ‘ money.

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