What we should learn from the older generation

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2014_vD2vXOwCw9rvZThe youth of today are dependent on technology and absorbed the political pseudo-activist, besides I’m sure I lost in this life. In fact, the large and small business concerned to get their money, and they are vanquished, although mom and dad all my life tried to convince them otherwise. We are smart enough to use proxies and see a web page banned in our country, but still believe like our profile pic has a hidden meaning. In General, we have much to learn from those older than us.

1.Cheap beer

Lives, and even brewed his own beer, nobody will be amazed if you could drink only half a liter. A few SIPS of beer is not what you need for the party. So, cheap beer doesn’t taste great, but there are times when quantity is better than quality. Drinking games were invented to strangers converge closer and began to understand each other. Learn to drink the stuff, so everything could get drunk and make friends. In addition, your aesthetic relationship to beer at him inflate unbelievable prices, so life will force you sooner or later to switch to cheaper options. Who said that the next generation never has to be similar to the previous one?

2. «VKontakte» should not be included at parties

We have tablets, iPods and computers that store gigabytes of music, and each song can be found in 15 different formats. Make time and warehouses suitable for your party playlist or position responsible for the music of a friend who always spoils you Dating girls: embarrassing you or takes girlfriends from under your nose. To sit and choose the music in «Vkontakte» or wait until loading the next funny video is not only boring but idiotic — and you insist that they are not idiots. Better that all will dance from the heart.

Friends online no friends for you, until you meet in real life

We live in the era of social networks, make friends via «Facebook» and «Vkontakte» is worthless. But remember, if you every day talking to people on Skype, viber or exchange messages in «Vkontakte», that doesn’t make him my true friend. Friends also communicate all of these methods, but they are in real life. They can theoretically be anything, until you saw them in person.

3.Figure it out before reacting

Easily click «share» and pretend to be offended. Pussy Riot danced in the temple — it is unworthy, it is necessary to give them public condemnation, to Express their contempt in every way to curse. South-East of Ukraine? Rather Express their dissatisfaction with the aunts and «Right sector», screaming about the Nazis and the atrocities, repost like crazy! All this gives you an immature person who is afraid to admit to himself that actually he doesn’t care. Easy to start panic about and do not even understand what is actually happening and what the reasons are. You should try it. A greater likelihood that dissatisfaction will go by itself as it came.

4.You’re not special

Why do you have to be? Understand as you read, your jaw hung down lower, but that’s life. So, guys, none of us are special. No matter who tried to convince you otherwise — he had his reasons. On Earth there are billions of people, there are guys much stronger, smarter and funnier than you, and we are all insignificant. When Yuri Gagarin took a look at our planet from space, he once again reminded us all that we only Potter about on the surface of the blue ball lost in the Universe, and the case will write the words and do things. We are small and stupid, and this is a fact of life. But in truth there is nothing offensive. Accept it as a reality.

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