What we should learn from the introvert

For the sake of.com.ua_23.06.2014_FK48hK1znLEJBIntroverts are a lot of problems with this world. The structure of our society requires a much more friendly attitude to an open and sociable extrovert than introverted, the quiet ones — the introverts. Extraversion social reward. Introverts, especially those with a low level of social adaptation, often marginalized, in other words, dumped on the side of life.

We will not here to grovel about the fact that introverts are the best part of mankind and so on. So, writers, artists, scientists — they all tend to show a tendency towards introversion. And, no, being an extrovert, an introvert you can’t be. But what you really can do is learn something useful from introverts.

1. To listen, to talk less

Not that introverts don’t like to talk, they just believe that it is better to listen first and then speak. Introverts are often mistakenly considered shy. Shyness implies a fear of negative evaluation expressed thoughts. Many introverts generally do not care what you think of him. They just don’t like to waffle. Try to learn the skill of silence of the introverts: start listening to any more of his companion — you’d be surprised how much you can learn, just hold your tongue for a while. In addition, you will definitely enlist the sympathy of the other person — everyone likes to listen to them.

2. Enjoy the time spent alone with him

Love people and live communication — that’s fine. However, often, this same love turns into an addiction. Being alone with myself for more than one hour, socially-aware individual begins to go crazy from lack of contact with others. It turns into a real maniac, obsessed by the desire to talk with at least someone. An introvert will never be in such a deplorable situation because the society it interesting and enjoyable.

There is a certain level of self-sufficiency, «the need for other people doing who have reached attractive person in the eyes of others. If desired, this level can reach anyone — introvert, extrovert. However, there is one «but» — the introvert almost do not need to exert efforts to achieve it, in contrast to the extrovert.

3. To be independent in the work

Employers appreciate the ability to work in a team, I confess, is not so rare skill. Team-oriented employees now everywhere. And fewer still those who can work alone — without help and support. No, we do not encourage you greatly to separate yourself from work colleagues, but to learn how to work most certainly worth it, in case your steady partner in the work of, say, sick.

4. To study the subject independently

Introverts, because of their dislike of crowds, prefer to study English, photoshop, as well as to increase motivation and stimulate «personal growth» itself. And many of them quite successfully cope with it. It’s amazing how many people in our progressive age cannot or do not want to get information. Every day people throw away a huge pile of money on courses and trainings, whose content is exhausted by several top rows in search results of Google. Meanwhile, think how much money you could save by learning from introverts to study the subject without assistance.

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