What we should learn from the elderly


To talk and just be around old people is always hard and awkward. People of younger age, usually turns out badly interact with someone who is not in step with the progress and monitors the latest changes in all spheres of life. During conversations with young people immersed in sadness. Of course, we all approach old age, and it makes you wonder. Because older people are much more experienced and know more. They have a lot to learn.

1. They appreciate the simple pleasures

Look at the grannies on the streets or, even easier, for your grandmother, if she’s still alive and healthy. They are so pleased with simple things! Cooked delicious jam — happy like a child, tells how well this worked out well, boils the tea, you’ve tried it, and she drinks it with you with great pleasure. Not in a hurry, taste, closes his eyes and smacked his lips. It is very little like the young freaks out when long time not be included the smartphone: we have enough little things to come out of himself and old — to become happy. Grandmother also greatly enjoy the walks in the center of the city, when you live on the outskirts, as we rejoice in the increase or acquaintance with a pretty girl, and even a trip to another country. Nice to look at that joy, and I wonder, what prevents you to do the same.

2. They really appreciate its few real friends

Older people of advanced age, they live for a long time, but because many of those people to which they once had, have died or will die. Eighty-year — very lonely people. The mere fact that their old neighbor went to walk the dog, pleased them immensely: so, still alive, still standing. When people meet each other, certainly among them there are closed introverts in a hurry hurry to leave and withdraw from society, watch a movie, read a favorite site, and that they had not been touched. When you look at old people, you know that the Internet will always be, but friends is going to die someday.

3. They understand how quickly it all ends

Life is short, and it’s a hackneyed cliché. You often say to old people? They love to tell about the past. About his childhood, about adolescence, about the late Scoop. How things have changed, the world has changed literally in the blink of an eye. They never tired of telling the young to do something, «while young»: was traveling, did not associate themselves with unnecessary commitments and enjoy life. Old people remember how much they did warn of this young. So, dude, do it.

4. They care about

Think about a situation the likes of which you see almost daily. If the child is hurting small, who will intercede? If the entrance is necessary to put the intercom, who will podpisyvat all in the butt and negotiate about the installation? People of old age. The old scolding of children who smoke, and snatch from their hands cigarettes. Shame the old people in the bus and talking give place to a pregnant woman. Old people strive for the common good and taking responsibility. The old care. Young people often pass by and pretend they don’t notice happening unattractiveness. Who taught us to be like that? Certainly not old.

5. Tolerance to yourself

The vast majority of old people don’t know how to use a computer. Heck, even with cell phones they have difficult, although here the level of advancement is still higher. And they are not upset that they are not given something. They understand that many things they can not do that this is the natural order of things, and not do from this tragedy. Old easily say that they do not mind that they are too old for something and not flirting, and don’t expect someone will to dissuade them. They are with dignity and easily accept their own imperfections, accept them… and live on. And not even the bite itself, and in no blame.

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