What we all feared in childhood

Now we may put on a brave face, but in my childhood we were confident was not. On the contrary, was a pathetic, self-pitying subhuman. Pay attention to the do’er, not sleep! And now, when you start to remember your sticky baby fear, we invite you on a journey on the waves of our memory in the happiest time of life, when we are forced to go to work, and the crisis was a normal thing.


Someone was afraid of the dark, someone dead, someone drunk who lives in the neighborhood. But we all, without exception, trembled at the sight of viDa. Sticky terrible fear, as if stung, to be undermined and run into the next room. Crazy mug, which in fact was a ceramic mask depicting the head of the ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher HOU Xiang holding a three-legged toad, vyplyva from the darkness under crepaway music, and flashes black and white frightened better than a nuclear war.

There is also a version that the mask was a symbol of death in Ancient China (the mask is symbolically depicted a severed human head on top of which was planted a toad). If I was told about it in childhood, I would have stopped watching TV.

Dead human face with a terrifying grimace spoil all the impression of a «Field of dreams» and «Dandy – the new reality».

Only a few knew, whose face is this, the rest thought it was some old grandma frozen in a grin of painful orgasm, or Boris Yeltsin. In any case, he was afraid of adults and children, moreover, outbreaks caused seizures in epileptics, and terrible music replaced the voice of Andrew Rasbash, which still says: «Telekompaniya VID is».

And the video captures the epic mockery when the user of the program «L-club», which was led by Leonid Yarmolnik, decided to finally finish its citizens, substituting scary face Leonidas is HOU Xiang. Really scary.


No one knows what it is. Even the parents could not understand. His imagination painted something bestial, hairy, externally resembling not a little the werewolf, not something Mikhail Galustyan. Who, by contrast, saw an old grandmother, like Baba Yaga. In any case, it is mythical do’er explained the strange noises coming from where would not be. A cynical and sarcastic smile older only provoked hysteria among dressed in tights on a boy or girl.

The top

It would seem that the spinning top is something small, gentle, funny. But the phrase «bite the barrel» inevitably were drawn in children’s imagination the bloody scene, where grey beast tore mighty mouth half child bočiny. Already in 3 years all knew how it feeds the wolf, but the desire to eat your flesh does.


«Brick» set, a little gentleman: a top, babayka, VIEWS and, of course, darkness. We believed, and even made sure that in the dark, anything can happen bad. Therefrom in accordance with the child’s legendarium get out babayki, crocodiles and other creatures. A friend of mine told me that his 7-8 years of my life chasing that yellow-blue-green crap. Every night he was afraid of her, but to get rid of this shapeless shit it was possible only one way – to light the light in the room. Even now, when he remembers her, he sneaks a little thrill. It surpassed it in scope and chased through a dark room, while comrade had not fumbled for the switch.

As it is called, nobody knows, but the fact that my other friend saw something similar during delirium tremens.

Hand from the toilet

In the 90s it was possible to meet a fun» toy. It was a clockwork toilet. If you start the closet, then he escaped from the sinister bony hand. The toy was fun, but there was a fear that the closet will break an arm or even a rat that will bite and grab for what you myself with shame touch.

Scary pictures

Tell the story from my childhood. At a tender age I loved to browse through books with reproductions of Karl Briullov. Or rather, I loved to watch as long as you have not reached the reproduction of «the Last days of Pompeii». What is most scared in this epic, tragic, grim and awful picture – I can not say. But remember that sleep in the same room with this book was creepy. While the parents did not fulfill my hysterical demand to make a book out of the room, I fell asleep.

Actually, dark images frightened many. Someone was afraid to touch the book (and it is not about the satanic Bible) with a terrible picture, and someone tried to come into the room, where the black-and-white photograph of a half-crazy dead great-grandmother.

The man in the mask

At the time the TV was thin the brain and the morals of a program called «My Family». It was led man that is expensive will answer for his sins (he has created «the House-2», «Windows» and took absolutely abominable film «the Ship of doubles» Zhirinovsky). His name is Valery Komissarov. But it’s not about him.

Was in the programme topic «the Mask of revelation.» On the stage shit with «Bioshok», which on closer examination turned out to be a miserable person, whom the Commissioners had dressed in a black and white mask and forced the whole country to talk about their problems. All anything, but this scary mask, which makes the victim look like a lizard did not cause good feelings.


Don’t all laugh at the clowns. About 30 percent of children are afraid. And feared even then. Really, the view daubed durkovatye of the person issuing stupid jokes (this is definitely not Yuri Nikulin and Vyacheslav Polunin), not only angry drunks, but annoying children. And after the movie «It» panic has reached epidemic proportions. And clowns do not care, they go to drink vodka after the show.

Another uncle

Sometimes in life there are «instances», which I want to run away and hide – they are too terrible. As a child, when reality exaggerated, seemed suspicious every second. And when, passing by the creepy grandmother from next door, your brother joked about the fact that you will soon be sent to live with her, your eyes grew important children’s arms, snot, tears and hysteria. There is nothing worse for a child than to be loyal to a terrible uncle. Even worse when a creepy pensioners and alcoholics in the tide of tender feelings regaled you with candy or tried to Pussycat. And rightly so, and suddenly stolen.


There is nothing that scares young gentleman, like a movie. There was a terrible scene, what to watch is not terrible, as, for example, in «Robocop»: even the shooting of Murphy and gutting the second part didn’t look as creepy as I ran on spider legs just a severed human head with «Something» or Freddy Krueger, shocking both adults and children. Now the film seems more funny than scary, but in those days, Freddie often was the culprit anuranga the morning. But where before the Soviet «Wii» – that’s really really scary movie.


It was a rough 90-e, and the probability that your house will climb thieves existed. Knowledge acquired after watching the movie «home Alone» is not enough, and so want to stay home alone it was scary.


Another child fear is the fear of losing. So, clinging firmly to the mother’s sleeve, you were afraid that frenzied crowd of people will share you and your mom, and you will steal the grandmother-the clown in the mask of «My family» to drink vodka and have all the time in the dark, occasionally including screensaver viDa.

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