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Peace to your home, but the beard thick hair dear editors. Here already more than 2 years are among your fans and every time I open the page manygoodtips.com always learn something new. Not the first time I address to you for advice and each time get the answer. It is, as they say, honor and respect. I hope that this time will be also.

Now to the question. I have long believed that men don’t dance. Not yet went to a club with your buddies. While we proudly propped up against the wall and tasted intoxicating drinks, one of us decided to dance with a girl. Naturally, we responded with a smile. But in vain… Because after a couple of songs to our plain and simply-dressed comrade has already lined up a small crowd of girls and others envious glances as he dances and, at the same time, confidently pawing the girls. And the end of the evening our friend already got a group of friends. Later I asked him how he learned to dance, and he said that it was working a couple of months, but have learned a few basic movements and overcame his insecurity with the opposite sex because at a dance he always danced with a partner and was surrounded by women, which was two times more than men. By the way, he engaged in Latin American dancing.

Hence the question, dear editors, what types of dance can you come to the modern man, whether to do it and what can I recommend myself?

The answer

Thank you, sir. A delight for the ears to hear that we helped you with a kind word and advice healthy. But try, the Falcon clear, to solve your own problems, not sinking into depression-krucinska, and being brisk great the search for inputs and outputs. Well, if not trample, then you are welcome to our hut. And now a disco.

So, the answer is that you can dance, it is necessary and very commendable. You’re not 12 and you’re not in the yard, among the heads of foolish who believe that «dance is for girls and real boys do Boxing and football. In my opinion, the question to dance or not to dance for a long time not put, and proved your friend. Girls like guys who know how to move well to control the body and lead partner from the dance floor to the bed further down the aisle.

Dancing, whatever they were, it is primarily a sport that matches perfectly with the art. It is a sacred ritual action, a long time replaces many words and actions. You saw how the legs and arms of ballet dancers? Imagine what is exercise — constantly jumping and drag any of the maidens on their hands. Imagine what his turntable? And look at their big toe, worn and more like a piece of meat with a fingernail and it is terrible. And what a strong body in the breakdancers? Puny hands of normal cherry will do. And ladies attract strong tancerka arms and torso, even if they don’t dance.In principle, there is no difference, and what dance you’re doing. Dance, however, he was not even Russian folk, learn to control your body. In any dance, even in the traditional Jewish, there are the basic movements on which you can improvise. Dance will give you strength, endurance, intellectual and musical abilities. So we can confidently assure you that when you start to dance, in parallel will increase the level of your achievements in other areas. You will become more attentive in the classroom and work, learn how easy to focus and solve problems that were previously difficult for you. In the end, you are taught the movements, relations that the main positions that you can use, however, as in all martial arts.

What kind of dance to choose depends entirely on you, from your feelings, from your character and wishes. I want to RUB the thighs of women and not get a slap in the face — go do salsa, Latin dancing or ballroom dancing, although Latin dancing is too narrow specificity. Learn to partner, to feel important in a couple, and maybe in life, although, I’ll tell you a secret, 3 years of ballroom in early childhood did not affect my relationship with the ladies. But my coach must have been, that was a tyrant. And as he talked with his wife — Bluebeard in moments of anger looked good-natured, but the body was not worse than the gymnast.

Plus partner dancing is that in a decent society, if you have to dancing together to the slow music, you’ll never hit the dirt face. But to get to know someone in training and can not speak.

If you want to bulk up physically stronger, learn how to do flips, tricks and just learn to dance clearly and the music, while constantly improvising, if you are only interested in disco component, then take the house, electrodes & tektonik. I just want kink and tumble — take breakdancing. Illusory like to make passes with his hands and feet, and the music, but it does not look like an idiot — take dubstep. Choose Dance Soft Body — perfect technique for dance-floor, you can dance non-stop as long as you want and to any music. The only thing that you just teach technique and movement, not the dance itself, but it is universal and does not require lengthy training. If you want to surprise — then study step, just not always able to find a pianist-accompanist. Well, to be, so to say buzz, if the blood plays the sound of lezginka, then why not dance?I suggest you to watch different videos on YouTube to see how it looks first hand, do you agree to do it under this kind of music. Because not everyone is ready to quickly move my hips to the fiery salsa, or R&B. still, without the visual embodiment it is difficult to understand what was going on.

Most importantly, do not tuerkei and do not twist around the pole, and otherwise avoid the strip. Clearly, this will only add to your unforgettable charisma and let me steal a wife from a famous mustachioed singer who loved to sing and drink for love, but is full of alternatives. The waltz and tango will kill any girl.

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