What tools can replace one multitool

The ability to use the tools describes any man on the positive side. And you should be ashamed if you’ve never held a screwdriver in his hand, and a hammer will be able to get except on their fingers. Of course, if you grew up in an urban environment, it could not deal with the need to gather something or to fix, but such a skill may come in handy in the future. Therefore, we do not encourage you to get a big box of tools — it may be too expensive. But a good quality multitool will be a very useful acquisition.

The multitool is a small harvester of the most popular tools. In some models there may be more than 20 pieces. But to fix or build anything, its purpose is limited. Professional multitool, rather than those that are sold in the market, will be indispensable in extreme conditions. Climbers, hunters, fishermen, tourists, mechanics always keep such to yourself and won’t get hot with him even for a minute. Just because in some cases, the multitool can play an important role in saving your life. If there is a zombie Apocalypse, or you suddenly find yourself on a desert island, then this thing will be indispensable to survival. If we take a more real life examples, then the multitool would be useful in camping, traveling, hunting and fishing and generally wherever there is no tools and is where your hands and fingers will not cope with the task.

There is one company that specializiruetsya in the production of camping and Hiking equipment and aims to create affordable and high-quality product. It is as rude as the products she makes — Ganzo. The range includes professional tourism, hunting, fishing knives, multitools and sharpeners. The approach to production in Ganzo is this: to collect all existing on the market of equipment and to make it even better. The company has developed and patented hundreds of products and technologies used in their production. In addition, these guys are known around the world — their products choose thousands of people. Especially from a company known for its multitools, referred to.

Multitools Ganzo represent ergonomic and user-friendly tools that can include more than two dozen modules and is able to perform a variety of tasks to repair any equipment and Hiking gear. Ganzo produces various models of multitool has more than 20 years, but in the US they even became part of the outfit of special forces. Depending on the task, Ganzo can offer a particular model of multi-tool with optimal set of tools.So multitools are different. There are very compact, and there are massive. However, they share one thing in common — they replace a whole Toolbox. In the case of products Ganzo, multitools are made of stainless steel, and the base part of each of them is the plier with hollow handles, which, incidentally, also made of steel. Feature is the ability to replace worn cutters. If to speak about requirements of users to the multitool, you can highlight a few: reliability, durability, ease of use, reasonable arrangement of tools, wear resistance. Also the multi-tool should be easily cleaned and should not be subjected to water and moisture.

What tools multitool can replace? As we have already mentioned — about 20. For example, the aforementioned pliers. By the way, the size of the multitool is about the same, only functional it is more in order. Further — than. Than actually one of the most versatile tools you can to protect them from the animal, cut the rope, cut the bark of a tree or to make some chips for a fire to cauterize the wound, to process fish or game, and so on. It will be an indispensable bit holder — screwdriver with replaceable tips. And if you’re far from civilization, the screwdriver and the capture for nuts and cylinders may be the only opportunity to repair the equipment or, for example, the car, tighten the screws, or disassemble and assemble any machinery.

Further utility is possible to have the serrated knife with wavy sharpening. This is a terrible thing. Because with due perseverance, it can cut through even solid materials. A sausage, wood, meat and other soft materials he saw through with ease. By the way, the prototype for it was shark teeth. Scissors help to cut the fabric, for example, to make a bandage. No multitool is not complete without a bottle opener — no comments.

And now imagine, how many places were all of these tools together. To carry them is not exactly the best idea. About the cost also silent. Therefore, will advise you several models of multitool.

Ganzo G301

Stylish, compact model, in which you’ll find 26 tools. Size when folded: 10×5×1.8 cm Made of 440C stainless steel with a chrome finish. Will be useful not only for tourists, fishermen and hunters, but also in the economy. They can be easily remove insulation from wires, eat the wires, or repair small parts. By the way, if you are worried about security, you can not worry — Ganzo G301 is fixed with a lock and AxisLock will not open unexpectedly in your pants while you’re running away from the bear.

Ganzo G109

A full-sized multitool with a small number of the most essential tools. It has a little weight just 280 grams, so it convenient to carry. Handles are hollowed out, allowing you hold her tight and spring-loaded pliers — this improves the comfort of use. Only complete 8 tools: knives with a direct and serreytornoy sharpening, bottle opener, awl, medium, small flat, long and Phillips screwdriver. All items have a matte black protective coating — it looks very stylish.

Ganzo G2019S

One of the smallest and most budget models. Length unfolded is 7.2 cm, width — 3.5 cm Weight about 200 grams. Due to the size it can be used as a keychain. Will easily cope with cans and bottles. There are a file, an awl and pliers with wire cutter, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers. A total of 11 tools that will help out in the city, in the country and is especially useful for motorists.

Ganzo G202B

Among other models this one stands out blued finish. Can perform up to 25 different functions and will be a constant assistant to the fisherman or the hunter. Equipped with pliers and wire cutters, flat head screwdriver, a small saw and 12 removable nozzles. Not afraid of water, hard loads and do anything. If we get hit an asteroid — it’s a multitool will survive, and you’re not.

All of the multitool is a one-year warranty. You can buy covers and interchangeable pliers. I suggest you to visit the website of the official representative in Russia and read reviews that are mostly positive and enthusiastic. The store is constantly updated with new models. Also you should go back there if you planned to buy than the more hundreds, for every taste and color.

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