What to wear this summer?

Remember those nice shoes that you bought because you don’t know how to wear them?

A variety of summer shoes: sandals, moccasins, Slippers, loafers, boat shoes, espadrilles… it’s Time to complicate your life, to get out of the favorite sneakers and try something else.



One of the oldest types of footwear. Since time immemorial sandals, made of leather, papyrus or bark, were main shoes for Egyptians, Israelis, Greeks, Babylonians. Thousands of years of its existence, the footwear has undergone not much of a change. Although now we can do them even from synthetic materials, but the essence of sandals remained the same – whether you’re Greek, Egyptian or Russian remember — wear sandals without socks!



Traditional footwear of North American Indians. In pre-colonial times they were made entirely of rawhide, moccasins were cut from a single piece of material and had no hard soles. These moccasins its appearance differed significantly from the modern one. Only in the thirties of the nineteenth century thanks to the Europeans, the loafers began to sew hard sole and their appearance closer to what we can see on the street now.

By the way, today the loafers can be worn with socks and without. But it is better without, summer.

The shoes


A type of moccasin with sustainable corrugated sole and a lace that goes from the heel to the instep of the foot. Invented in 1935, yachtsman Paul Sperry, who wanted to make comfortable and, most importantly, stable footwear for boating. The first shoes have a white rubber sole, does not stain the deck, and the leather top was soaked in the water repellent composition.

Today you can find these shoes far beyond the deck is made of such impractical materials like suede or textile. Although water resistance and retreated into the background, nothing will appear in the heat of summer better than the shoes on his bare feet with linen shorts and a Polo shirt.

Feel like a sailor.



Elegant Shoe with a slight heel, often decorated with lace, tassels and other beauty. She appeared in the thirties of the last century. First Norwegian shoemaker, Taranger presented a pair of shoes called «moccasins arlanskoe», and later the family Spalding from the United States on the basis of this design was to do loafers. The first distinguishing feature of loafers was a leather band across the top of the foot with the notch in the diamond. In the 1950s, the American students, inserted in diamond-shaped slit on their loafers of the coin, what this type of loafers became known as penny loafers. Like moccasins, loafers can be worn with socks. By the way, black loafers with white socks you could often see on Michael Jackson.



She Bohemian shoes. For a long time, they were worn by English aristocrats, and only at home, combining these Slippers are basically pajamas. They say that Winston Churchill loved to come to the evening tea in Slippers and a silk robe.And only in the sixties of the last century, after Robert Kennedy showed an example of a combination of sleepers with cotton trousers, a jumper and a shirt, Slippers left outside of luxurious living rooms and become full-fledged street shoes. Today, designers strive to keep the sleepers aristocratic spirit they are doing

made of velvet, corduroy, suede, and sometimes even embroidered with beads.

If you feel that you are flowing blue blood, or you just like velvet, then sleepers is yours. But please, no socks.



Rubber rope-soled Slippers, which in duration can be compared with the history of the moccasin. In the thirteenth century, espadrilles were called espardenya, they are woven entirely of esparto grass, and it was intended espardenya for the Spanish infantry. In the fifteenth century the espadrilles turned into the shoes of the peasants not only in Spain but also in neighbouring Portugal, but in the eighteenth century, thanks to the French, espadrilles have got fabric uppers and soles made of durable jute.

Perhaps rope-soled Slippers would have remained the shoes of the poor if in the sixties of the twentieth century, Yves Saint Laurent opened their doors to the world of high fashion. By the way, espadrilles liked to wear Salvador Dali. Try it and you’re barefoot.

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