What to wear this fall

With ill-concealed shame we will try to show you that is mired in fashion reader, all the things that people with gay voices and neat nails is called «fashion trends». These trends change every year and you have to constantly be aware of fashion business. But here’s the thing: not all that the trend can be worn. You’ve seen those fashion designers? In their work, as in images of madness and bravado prevail over adequacy. Therefore, sweating and groaning from the excitement and tension… no, wait! Throw away your dirty thoughts! We are not! We tried to choose the most adequate trends. Here, perhaps.


It was a bribe.field.ua_8.09.2015_w38bpjsnzyujJ

The boys, then the rumor went that comes a new era of liberation our feet, buttocks and genitals from the onslaught of narrow trousers. Although some did not wear. Yesterday I personally called Giorgio Armani and said, «Teodorczyk, wide leg pants with pintucks – it is fashionable. And all these skinny and slim feet – masday! Time goes by». Said. So everything is back to normal, loose pants are back in fashion.



Yesterday I met with the President of the fashion house Brioni Andrea Personam. Sat and drank Campari, discussed the immigration crisis in Europe, nor of the blue hands me a bundle. Unfold, and there, grey cardigan, chunky knit with three-dimensional drawings. To my silent question was answered Andrea, any knit, chunky knit with three-dimensional drawings, gray and pistachio color will be the trend this fall.



Hybrid jackets and hoodies, so any football fans, threatening to get a residence in the wardrobes of all fashionistas. We are told to Karl Lagerfeld. At the last Fashion Week, where invited manygoodtips.com we were sitting in the VIP box. A very nice elderly man.

Duffle coat


The duffle coat is not sound, which in English denote the flooding water. This jackets British sailors, as a military, moved smoothly in our peaceful life. These jackets threaten to dismiss from the throne hypstercom parks. Though that they that in the parks there is nothing elegant. When we told the designer of Louis Vuitton, he removed us from the list of friends in «Vkontakte».



Designers do not divide the world into black and white. They divide it into «this is brilliant» and «boring». However, nothing more brilliant grey and olive, they came up with. These colors are the main colors of the season. Well, we are not against it, great colors, better purple and crimson. Elegant, not easy soiled, beautiful and, most importantly, masculine. And we rejoice also because do not have to buy new clothes to be fashionable.

Oh, and of course, nobody canceled the eternal practical classics – black will always be in fashion.



The skin is warm and stylish. This autumn, the skin should be tanned, or shiny. However, as always, Calvin Klein promised to send as a gift a few leather jackets from the new collection, but came for some reason, only his old tattered in which he last fall the barn to insulate.



Don’t forget about coat and trench coat. A timeless classic. However, in grey tones. But trust me, if you don’t follow these trends, will not be worse. We’re sorry, Tom Ford will forgive and God will forgive.

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