What to wear in the spring and summer?

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2014_uUuyFg8QjJIpUWriting fashion guides not really our format, but at the request of readers (the letters had stopped) we took a chance to do it. At the same time and find out for yourself what to wear this year, and update your last year’s wardrobe.

Casual wear for dudes on spring and cool summer


It is important to choose not only fashionable clothes, but the fact that you can wear to work and not to remind his excessive formality of a Jehovah’s witness or a salesman.

Casual clothing should be comfortable, practical and then fashionable. From talking to business:

1. Good old t-shirts with prints and without


It really is the most timeless classics. Want t-shirts with South Park, I want labels, I want gaming themes. In a t-shirt it is important that you looked good and was suitable in size. Choose what you more fit: fitted tank top, loose t-shirt with elbow-length sleeves t-shirt with small sleeve t-shirt with V-neck or round-neck or a shirt under the throat. It all depends on how you look in it. T-shirt you can wear a loose shirt, sleeveless or with sleeves, but to attack them. The shirt can be left open.

2. Leather jackets

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Even if they are made from the skin of a young leatherette. Important as they are sitting. Or you’ll look like David Beckham, who parked on the street, Victoria Beckham and a cool chopper, or you’ll look like a crazy city, who bought this jacket in the 80s in the Baltic States and still proud of it.

3. Denim jacket


They will not be hot or cold in the same weather, with morning clouds and afternoon sun. Denim jackets are always in fashion, changing only the color of cooking time, length and other details. The best feature of denim jackets — the ability to roll up your sleeves.

4. Free informal jacket

Excellent purchase in terms of usefulness. You can wear even to work, at least for a walk, even with the pants, even with jeans. Same as denim jackets, it is possible to roll up their sleeves, though not all models.

5. Sweatshirts, turtlenecks, sweatshirts and hoodies


Sweatshirt is a pretty cool thing, which came to us from the decadent West. It’s a free svitlovodska thing from the waist up, without neck, but with wristbands. Spacious and comfortable. Good camouflage sweatshirts accumulated over the winter fat, they can be put on a shirt.

Sweaters — only if you live in the harsh regions, when the spring comes somewhere in the middle of June. In a warmer climate in the spring to wear something under the throat is not suitable.

Sweatshirt, like a longer version of it — lean, the best clothing to many dudes. However to put it on any job, but for walks and relaxation it’s perfect.

6. Jeans


In an informal setting, wear jeans. Choose better light and loose, they are many who are, especially combined with brown or warm shade, or mustard top. Jeans is better not to save. Old wisdom says that a good pair of jeans less than $ 100 can not be.

Corduroy pants. To them it is more difficult to match other clothes and shoes. But, if it’s not a problem, then wear.

7. Shoes


Sneakers, sneakers, slip-on shoes — all worn in the past year and even before, and probably will be worn more than one year. Comfortable shoes for walking and recreation. Go to work in shorts and espadrilles, only if you work somewhere on the beach. To come to the city office in espadrilles is not recommended.

Formal wear

Almost all the same as informal, with some exceptions.

1. Shirt


Do not wear blue shirts, white and light yellow stripes. Light blue shirt make you look like a guard in the supermarket, and the white visible yellow stains from sweat. Light yellow stripe makes me think about the dude who came to conquer the capital in the only decent suit.

Our choice — shirt in small cells. Close-fitting and rather short. They can be undone before the half, and down to wear a plain t-shirt.

2. Costumes

If it is already there in your wardrobe or do you just plan to buy it, then you should know how to wear a suit, how to tie a tie.


Darker or all of the same jeans. Can bottom from the suit or loose light pants. But not white — it’s a bad idea. In fact, everything is the same as in everyday wear.



I have no idea what the name is a cross between sneakers and boots. They can be black, brown and be quite comfortable. Here on this shoes editorial opinion have differed. Therefore, you decide yours or not.



Here’s the important question: what man should use to carry your stuff? A backpack is always a good idea, but again, it is not always possible to wear, and certainly not with a business suit. But the bag or briefcase (provided that the latter is combined with appearance) is a great choice. The main thing you have to remember about the bag — it should not be small. Small bag impractical, is for sissies. Your bag must fit the book (or tablet or e-book), a notebook, a few pens, charging in a few instances, headphones, a multitool and a number of garbage. The bag should not be very wide, have long straps to look overly feminine.

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