What to talk about on a first date

first date

If you met a hot girlas, got hold of her phone and finally asked her out on a date, congratulations, man! It’s really worth something. But now in front of you, another question arises: how to make this date successful, then there was a second? What do people say on first dates? Don’t panic, now we’ll give you some tips.

1. Avoid talking about her past

Never ask about her ex on a first date. Wait till she starts the conversation on this topic. If you do start. Maybe it hurt or she’s still in love with his ex. Better avoid this topic: trust, comfort her and lead a pastoral speech — not the best scenario for a first date. Your goal is to wipe the lipstick from her lips at the end of evening, not to wipe her tears, smearing ink across the face.

2. You have a brother or sister?

This is a very safe topic of conversation — unless you ask, does she have a pretty sister. But ask about her parents even more dangerous: maybe they divorced, maybe one of them died. But the sister or brother, usually do not cause negative emotions, and talking about family shows that you are positive guy.

3. Somewhere traveled?

A good way to engage the girl in conversation is to ask her where she has been and where it plans to go in the future. If she remembers the place where you always wanted to go, you have a chance to prove himself a knight in shining armor and offer her to go together. In addition, it is possible to bring the conversation to the topic of other cultures, mentality and discuss your attitude to adventure.

4. What are you drinking?

Good topic for conversation, especially if you went to a restaurant to discuss the food and drinks he prefers. And again: you can set how similar your tastes, and you can admire the inexhaustible space of conversation — of course, if she doesn’t have eating disorders and if she’s not an alcoholic.

5. What are your career plans?

Again, a win-win. Ask your friend what kind of education she received and has no plans to continue it. Maybe it will begin to dissolve the tail and show off their three higher education — and perhaps, complain that her current job has nothing to do with his specialty. Here you are (depending on the situation) can either be scattered in compliments, or ask her more about the job, to endorse further education and you never know, look at the circumstances.

6. How’s work?

If you are already well over twenty, a good option for interviews to discuss career plans. It is also quite safe and fertile mind. Just don’t let her into what she was tired of his current life — usually these threads start somewhere after seven margaritas. But generally speaking, people love to discuss their work, even if it is a solid routine. In addition, you will be able to understand who you are generally associated: with a career woman or a waitress for life (no matter what she works as a waitress is such an abstract concept).

7. As your friends?

Ask her about her friends. Even if you don’t know them, she will gladly tell you about his circle of friends as they mean a lot to her and what they did together. Beyond words, man, how valuable it is when you share personal details. If you continue to meet her friends will be your best source of information about its skeletons in the closet.

8. How do you spend your free time?

She rollerblade, collect stamps or dance? Involved in sports? What kind of music she likes? These questions will help to establish how similar your interests are. Moreover, you can further ask more questions.

9. What are you doing this weekend?

You not only will understand, what will your life after the honeymoon, you will make her think. Of course, these games are for kids, but for you, if she asks a question, do you want to meet on the weekends.

10. Be brave and go for it

Now, to summarize, if you see that her eyes sparkle, she looks at you with interest other words, if her body language says Yes, ask her on a second date. Don’t overly rush things and scare her with my insistence — even if it is fun, just make her wonder what other adventures could be waiting for you.

Keep talking

Use these themes just as a General guidance. Be ready to ask her many different questions, listen to her answers and re-ask questions, logical! Remember that the main thing — not to worry. Think of your first date just as the evening in good company. So you can relax and have a good time.

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