What to talk about at the table — a manual for misanthropes

what to talk about at the table

It is difficult to speak — I understand. I and most difficult. I’ve been thinking about developing such a universal set of tips for those who has no idea what to talk about with all these people and what they want from them. Relax. When you’re seemingly going to experience at the table your own personal Apocalypse and the day of judgement manygoodtips.com will come and silently will correct all. Just be positive and kind, no matter what. At least try.

Problem: I Have no topics for discussion. In my life everything happens.

Take any decision or change something to automatically get rid of other conversations. Recently watched the new movie or get a haircut? Already good luck! Now you don’t have to talk about anything else until the end of the evening — one small conversation about it and that’s enough. Through these events you become an interesting person and you have a topic of conversation.

Problem: All my Affairs go wrong, and I’m afraid I’ll start to complain.

The streamlined answers. People will ask you about your work and about everything else. If you say, «I hate my job» — you certainly showed honesty, but it will spoil the mood of the interlocutor, and really take him to a standstill. Imagine: a man begins to awkwardly smile and fill the spot, realizing that he needs to tell you about that. So let’s get streamlined: for example, tell that work does not drive you into depression, or more vaguely the statements of the truth: «I am now in search of something new,» the normal person and so understand that your job makes you not happy, and will stop asking from sin.

Problem: I don’t know what to ask others.

Intelligence! For example, if you’re a hundred percent sure that grandma’s friend, which you for some reason put there, like all grandmothers, she loves gardening, take an interest, as Affairs in the country (planted or seedlings, dug up the potatoes — depending on the season). And you have a stream of exciting stories. Or if a friend of your sister patlac t-shirt Metallica, God himself commanded to discuss his favorite album. In short, attention is important.

Problem: I love to raise the topics of politics and religion, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this.

It is not necessary.

Problem: okay, nothing wrong with that.


Problem: our family does not have nothing in common.

Come on, there must be something, at least idiotic. As discussed though, what will happen in the next episode of some TV series, or talk about that soon in the New year (Easter, February 23, March 8 — how time flies, before you know it, and you’re already so grown up). In short, just start, and there are already very go.

Problem: I’m always the last to know and don’t know when to shut up.

Determine in advance where may lie the catch and stay away. This is a General rule. Don’t be the idiot who asks the aunt he had not seen for two years, his uncle, with whom she recently divorced: everyone knows and cautious around this theme party, and you can if you try. The same applies to a variety of complex and atypical situations, unfulfilled dreams and plans, the work of someone else, someone with her difficulties, as well as politics and religion, because these questions are no and never converges.

Problem: I was alone among strangers and don’t want to seem insignificant.

Really? And how you end up there? Do anyone know? For a start, at least praise the food. Here it is: it will get you a hostess, and will show everyone else you’re so polite and attentive. Especially if you’re visiting the parents of a friend. Just gold!

Problem: Oops, I said something inappropriate, and everyone fell silent, help, quickly!

It is time to discuss animals and children. If there is neither one nor the other, maybe you should take a cat with you? Even start to tell an interesting story. Or about the cat one. Or a story in which there is a child and a cat. The story of a young and lovely creatures can save any conversation, because they all love, and it is not discussed. Everything will start to melt and immediately forget, what was the reason for disturbing the calm.

Problem: If I remain here one moment longer, I through the ground to fail from the discomfort.

Distract or add to its activities the diversity. You don’t have to sit at a table all evening without stopping. Excommunicated to the toilet. On the way we can meet all of the same cat and play with him. Go out on the balcony to smoke, if you smoke. If you don’t smoke on the way back from the toilet stop to consider the family library or pictures on shelves and walls. Look for something, you’re not small! And then go back to the table.

And finally, most importantly — be the most positive person in the world. All gathered together in once century, and if you found a place among these people, then you are dear to them. And this is worth a lot.

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