What to take and what to do to stay awake on the job?


Hi, manygoodtips.com. You are the best that I’ve read after the Primer and the Bible. Help me in my situation! Recently graduated from College, got a girlfriend and became the breadwinner in the family. Sometimes you have to work the night shift. Coincidentally that night is the time of day when I most want to sleep. The work involves periodic physical activity. Coffee does not help and has never helped. Tell me what to take and what to do to stay awake on the job?

The answer

Hey, dude! Thank you for your kind words. The Bible and the Primer is a preparatory phase without which we do not understand, not appreciate, not love. And we are ready to write for you 24 hours a day without interruption. Evry fuckin day.

What do you want to sleep at night, oddly enough, completely normal. You’re probably a lark, and your biological clock, like the good soldier Schweik, programmed to night to sleep and day work. This begs the question, which in a crisis you have the right to spit in the American face, and to change jobs? Yeah, it has to change! And guarantee that you absolutely will take on another job, who will? That’s it. The best option is to look for parallel work with the biological clock. God willing – it will find the trump option. And yet the only way to beat midnight abulia to resort to folk remedies.

In fact there are many options as following the precepts of Malchish-Kibalchish, «day hold, and night stand». The main thing – to choose your own.

Variant males – drink energy

The decaliters of coffee and Red Bull will cheer you up, give strength, energy and happiness. Along the way, will make your liver hanging sickly liver, but be cheerful, like antelope in mating season. Better, of course, drinking coffee. Here packages come open, it appears it is for the heart not bad, on the contrary, extremely useful, if it’s about organic coffee. So 5 cups a day can safely drink. But this measure is short-lived. The first time you ride, as DJ at Kazantip, but then the body gets used, and to sleep anyway you want.

Option drip-energetic – Siberian ginseng

Write the name of this liquor the first time – the heroism, neither linguists nor teachers in the school or to the writer Vladimir Sorokin. Too complicated the letter «K». A good thing, natural energy drink, no preservatives and dyes. Invigorating as amputation of the leg with a plastic knife without anesthesia. Only the pleasant sensation. This drug relieves fatigue, helps to cope with excessive physical activity, increases stamina and energizes. Better cupping of power and much cheaper. But it is not without nuances, and they are associated only with heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, exacerbation of infectious diseases, and in the case that you’re pregnant. But I hope that movie «Junior» did not impress you so much. Bear in mind that for your body, especially heart, a rhythm – a very dangerous thing. Plus more energetic. The more you consume, the harder the heart.

Option «duralloy» – chew mint gum

Chew gum with menthol. The main thing in it-not even a refreshing menthol, and chewing movements. So you’re just tricking your brain that aktiviziruyutsya, suggesting that now will need to digest the food. To do this, it secretes insulin, which causes a feeling of cheerfulness.

Option liquid rinse wrists with cold water

This technique allows you to quickly cool the body. It is also useful in the summer when very hot or when it is necessary to get rid of a headache caused by high temperature.

Option social – to communicate

Argue, yell, fight, go, laugh, interact with your favorite colleagues. Any social activity (even arguments and accusations in the comments about someone’s there mum) causes excitation in the brain.

Option begenerally – discomfort

Sit on a hard chair. Any slight discomfort is good when the task is not to fall asleep. Any hint of comfort to discourage the desire to work as to discourage the desire to write good music from the band U2.

A variant of the melodic-rhythmic-foreign-pop – more noise, fervently music

Listen to the ambulance that music on low volume. Music evokes a strong emotional response that involves many parts of the brain. If possible, sing along, or at least Bang your head to the beat. Melodic and familiar music will not work. You need something rhythmic, but unpleasant to the ear – it causes more emotion. Chris Rea – it’s beautiful, but swayed. Tyrolean tunes – that’s it. Massive attak is not suitable. Collection Ah party – legends «Radio Chanson». The sound should be such that it was difficult to hear the lyrics in Russian rock or alternative elements GG Allina. This will make the brain work, as it will «listen» and to include attention. The main thing is to not be distracted from work.

I would like to advise you to sleep for at least a couple of minutes, but I’m not sure that you have the opportunity. To push-UPS makes no sense, and so you physical activity. Once again I would like to hint that it is necessary to slightly change the labor asylum, but see what happens. In this situation, no you Advisor will not. Successful you perevarivaya sleepiness. Heed our advice, as the Lenin collective farm. We care about you.

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