What to play with a friend


Hi, friends!

Not once on the website raised the topic «game of confrontation.» So we animals – men. Love of the game. And computer games are no exception. But your readers know that many friends think it’s childish and a waste of time, and generally as an exercise not worthy of a real man.

I don’t like the ideological war. I am for peace throughout the world. I am sure that what we lack is common ground in this matter. Here a question for you: advise a couple of computer games that my friend could play together.

With respect, Ivan.


Hey, buddy. Insanely familiar problem, though it has passed. In the 18-19 years I have often been «sawed» because I liked to sit in his free time at the computer. Friends often find it annoying that we allow ourselves such time or, if you don’t have a permanent job, the problem is getting worse. However, as a rule, all of this takes place when there is a job, and you get a more stable Foundation. God knows why it’s exciting. May be, to some extent, this kind of maternal instinct or the instinct of survival, it’s not cool to waste the most productive time of your life on unproductive things, but the pleasure to deny themselves is also wrong. For many people, and for me certainly, games are a way to escape from the excessive congestion of the brain, and without them it would be difficult. In General, you understand me.

Hardly anyone likes the hassle. Your wish is understandable, but there are some difficulties with the choice of games. First, the rejection of computer games, as a rule, is not in the field of flavors, and the very essence of games. It is hardly possible to find some magic game that you can plant a friend and she will be getting from this real pleasure. Secondly, games are not universal. And it’s all very sad. For example, I was never forced to play in a Golf simulator just because I hate Golf. But you never know, maybe a friend that a similar thing? So I will give you a good advice: get to know your girl more than you know now. Even if you live with her for ten years or more, it is never too late to pay attention to her interests.

For example, if she likes to dig into some of the historical abyss of books, she, of course, like all sorts of historical strategy like Crusaders Kings or Total War – you can play two, three, ten.

If you like science fiction, post Apocalypse or horror, try a variety of cooperative games, where you have to destroy the darkness of the walking dead.

In General, if all the games she has a problem, it is recommended to try to play something story with minimal gameplay. There is, for example, the Studio TellTale Games (The Wolf Among Us, for example), which makes masterpieces, not just games. And, of course, if your girl is fond of different fantasy content, then pay attention to Divinity: Original Sin (very recommended!), which is not just a multiplayer mode, and thoughtful multiplayer mode. Not really, the story in this RPG: being a «good old days», but being believable and modern.

As you can see, common ground can only be based on personal interests. And I think you will be surprised to understand that they will be very different from your own. Can wish you success in this, in fact, everyday problems. Perhaps our readers also throw some tips in the comments.

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