What to play this summer, Part II

We do not sloupoki, just worked all summer, as working people during the five-year period, and only at the end of this great season we have had time to forget games. Some believe that computer games are for losers who can’t do push-UPS on fists. But we know how to do push-UPS on fists and to play love. Human life is not only eternal work, his conscience and personal qualities, it is also a game. And foolish to deny myself the pleasure of killing a few dozen hours on the shooting a virtual enemy. Today, like last time, we will be discussing new games, new and those that have just chosen to release. The stuff will keep for nostalgic autumn days.

This Is the Police

Hot new Aug, with the smell of doughnuts, gunpowder and dirty cops. This game, sooner or later, was supposed to appear on the market. People like to watch movies and TV shows about crooked cops, the whole series «Gotham» is, in fact, revolves around this problem of large cities. And our own life eloquently shows that an honest COP is a rare beast in a human zoo. And always, it seems that you could have done better, you would be more honest, more reliable, better than the guy who walks you to the precinct.

This Is the Police — this is your opportunity to prove that to lead the police station and all of its employees and without bribes, racism, and criminal patronage.

The game makes you the chief of police, who, very soon, within 180 days, it will be time to retire. Six months separate you from retirement, but in poverty do not want to die. For this reason, you have a very selfish goal is to earn 500 thousand dollars for 180 days. Any ways and means, as long as it brought results. I can be friends with racists, freeing the black half of your state, I can be friends with mafia to arrange a fake call, could sell drugs, weapons and other «death» can beat the discontented populace with clubs. And can be an honest COP and nothing to do with this, except the satisfaction of their moral purity. A good simulator with voice acting from Jon St. John (voice of Duke Nukem).

Cossacks 3

Still not out, but the wait is long. We all remember those «Cossacks» in which so enthusiastically raced in 2001. Then this game was the divine light in a world of absolute strategic ignorance. Pleased us and motivated regional: Russia and Ukraine were the main gaming countries, which in those days was difficult to expect from Western developers. But the game was not invented in the States and even in Poland and Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of an extremely talented team from GSC Game World. They are also doing a modern remake. Let’s hope that the «Cossacks» to go, not worse than before. Perhaps because of the paradoxes that we have outgrown such strategies, but nostalgia will still prevail.

The scope of the strategy promise to be spectacular — 12 Nations, and 10 thousand (!) gaming units on the battlefield. It’s a lot, that’s true. Naturally, all events will take place on the real map of Europe XVII-XVIII century, where you will have the opportunity to join one of the five historic campaigns.

Sorry, we haven’t touched the game mechanics, so to judge it only from the official trailers, which is already in the network. That it is possible for him to know? Only the outlines of the future creation, but we see a great continuity of old traditions. Seasoned players will see many cherished moments that have stuck in memory since his youth. However, knowing how to do remakes in our turbulent times, we refer to future release with caution.

No man’s Sky

Another newest game Aug already the beta has triggered a global discourse in the gaming community. No man’s Sky discuss, criticize, and ascend the podium in 2016 — are indifferent to this project was not already at the time of the release of the first two trailers in 2014. And the release will be from day to day, or to be more precise, August 12.

Is it worth buying this game, but still for the money (1999 rubles in advance!)? A difficult question, because if you don’t like a sandbox game, it will be difficult for you to fully enjoy this creation. If you have unpaid mortgage, save the money for her. However, if you are crazy about sci-Fi films of any kind, from space battles and interstellar travel, then this game is number one in the list of your most important purchases.

A developer was made by the British from Hello Games. They were inspired by illustrations from various sci-Fi books, I’ve decided to create a game with a really open world, which used procedural generation of content.

The player will travel through the vast expanses of space to visit lots of planets, some of them it can find a unique form of life, on the other, he will collect resources. Of course, without the fighting in space has not been, and it means that was not without modernization of the private space ship and the various tasks Ala bounty hunter. The uniqueness of this space Odyssey that the cosmos, planets are unique in nature. Information about the world will be updated in the course of his research, and to explore the universe will not only you, but also many other players which will be quite a unique event because of the vastness of the universe.

To start the game have a randomly generated planet, the terms of which are not unique. Sometimes, to get out of it, you will have to make such Herculean efforts that just feel like a hero of Greek legends like Hercules. For example, you may eat the worms of the desert with a height of five-storied house. However, you can be in this Eden, where to build your ship for a lousy watch. Overall, we think that «No man’s Sky» is a game with a great future.

Dark Souls III

The release was in the spring, but we reached «the best role-playing game version GamesCom» just now. Perhaps among our readers there are those who this hell game is also bypassed. Here we regret that you did not pay attention to it. Don’t like to consider about what we all say, but once the dust has settled, then we can recommend.

The first thing I want to say — the game is really built for hardcore users. And not because it has a lot of darkness, dynamics and violence, although this series Dark Souls does not hold. The reason is that it is damn difficult, especially on higher difficulty levels. You need to have nerves of steel to go through gaming hell to the very end. So, don’t believe the trolls who say that Dark Souls III: «will Give you precious hours of rest. You can achieve harmony with oneself and the surrounding world, to cleanse the chakras and to understand the absolute Zen.» This is not so.

But still, this game is not only about smashing the keyboard, but good, insanely attractive story that ends very, very outstanding games trilogy. A world in which the unfolding of Dark Souls is a world of dark fantasy where everything seems to be dying. And you, of course, appear as a Savior, but the Savior, who, quite possibly, nothing will be able to solve in this world of decay and darkness. It is strange that every element of the game, each character is worked out in detail. The writers do not knowingly eat their own bread, and maybe they are well paid, but not the essence — they are perfectly ordered each character, making the story turns into a complete picture, which sparkles with all shades of black.

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