What to play this summer, part I

We have already dismantled the old games, strategic games and even the ones where all you required is to take out the remains of brains of reanimated corpses with joyous bursts of gunfire. But been awhile since we did a review on the new fish that had just recently born, or is about to be released from the womb of the gaming industry. Let’s just say, these games are not ashamed to spend a couple of tens or even hundreds of hours, but, of course, praise will not, because I only played some of the others anxiously waiting.

Batman — The Telltale Series

A new thing from the geniuses at Telltale Games. They have created such kosher games like «The Walking Dead» and «The Wolf Among Us». The latter especially we liked, it’s not every day you can wear the mask of a fairytale wolf who violently drinks, smokes and walks around the taverns, and even takes the place of the Sheriff in a town populated by fantastic creatures. In General, Telltale Games it is possible to love only for what they think is a component of the story any of their games. And if you can call them creations games? The issue is complex, because in the foreground there is not game mechanics, but the content and the choices the player makes. Is this rendered comic, which you can participate as a character, and your actions are only your games from these guys-soaked freedom of choice when it comes to moral dilemmas.

If the last film about Batman by Zack Snyder gave you psychosis and depression, the game pass is not necessary — we are confident in its quality. It will patch your wounds of the mind, will restore the authority of the DC and the greatness of man-bat. But don’t expect a game of the crazy mess of the balls and the persecution of clowns. Perhaps Telltale will be able to transfer it all to your format, but we doubt it. Their games are no longer part of the atmosphere and exhausted election between bad and very bad.


This game was created paradoxes, well, the ones who took responsibility for Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. In General, developers are more than serious — do serious games with stern faces under serious accompaniment of the organ. And we’re really happy that the world is a Studio that brings to life our Napoleonic dreams. I think that no one would argue with the fact that Paradox, today, is the best developer of hardcore strategy.

So, all this time, they are riveting game on a historical theme, but suddenly decided to raise the bar and look into the distant future. They did it in their best traditions, which are prone to gigantism thoughts. It was a real space epic unfolding before your eyes. The essence of the game is that you are given a small civilization, which could have not only human nature, but also a mushroom, a bird, and do what I want (I chose race osminogopodobnoe shellfish). Gradually you build a galactic society, learn first native star system, and then begin to move forward, adding other star systems until you grow to a huge galactic Federation, Empire or Alliance. The political system you choose, as the philosophy of his people. To describe the entire system and all gaming, frankly, is not easy. Too many things in this game — a Paradise for futurists of all stripes. I want to build an ideal society? Go ahead! We didn’t do it, maybe you know the recipe for peace in the universe? However, Stellaris has a dark side — in a sense, the game is very difficult to understand an ordinary player. Training shamelessly to the beginner, but if you get passed the first stages, you will be a loyal fan of this cosmic creation.

Dead by Daylight

As an ardent fan of thrillers, I was looking forward to this game when about it no one heard. Always wanted to try on the mask of a victim, or a maniac, and in a traditional business setting, surrounded by an atmosphere of the presence of this evil. Dead by Daylight embodies my painful desire into a reality, creating a game where you can do in a situation of absolute terror or crazy hunting for people.

The game was released in mid-June 2016, quite young still, but already it has acquired many fans. Is a survival horror and not the usual, and multiplayer. You have to join the group of survivors «lucky» (up to four people), or become the worst nightmare — a maniac, a psychopath. The survivors can only run and hide. Such a reality! But maniacs can hunt. Play them for fun, even got plenty to choose from: hunter, Ghost Selyuk. Every maniac has a special feature that distinguishes it from others. For example, the hunter can set traps, the Ghost to become invisible, and our favorite, hillbilly, well wielding a chainsaw. Each victim also has a set of individual characteristics that help to escape the whole team.

I remind you that the game is a co-op and I think if you gathered a company of five people, «Dead by Daylight» will be the perfect way to escape from the monotony of everyday life.


Another game on the space theme, but it differs from Stellaris fact, mechanics and respect for the nerves of players. Now the game «RimWorld» is available on Steam, may soon appear on torrent portals, but these developers are not ashamed to support these coins.

In the game you will control three survivors from a crashed space liner. Gradually you begin to develop your colony, which is insane traits of Western and science fiction. People become more ways of development — hundreds of and full of events. It’s a sort of a sandbox game in which you have to carefully monitors the needs of its people by protecting them from various space reptiles, like pirates, monsters, and tribes of ancient machines.

Like, thousands of games and why bother to spend money on a thing that can not boast excellent graphics? The fact that «RimWorld» has not been created for those who wants to beat the other players in your ability. In this game you don’t need to win. It is interesting for its gaming events, which ultimately merge into a unique story. That is, the events in this game do not pretend to be coincidence — there is meaning everywhere. And you have to analyze it all, with the help of artificial intelligence that is built into the gameplay. In other words, what are you doing a story that takes place on the planet that is far from all the main political players of the universe. You will not be troubled Empire, space unions or federations. Your colony will be only in your hands, and you will be able to develop depends only on you.

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